How To Cure Receding Gums

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Written By Kassandra Foreman / Reviewed By Ray Spotts

Receding gums occur for many reasons and each cause has a treatment that is appropriate. Some causes are related to hormonal changes and aging, and while these cannot be reversed, there are methods to slow the receding.

Other causes include gum disease, which may require antibiotics or even surgery. It is best to avoid receding gums when possible, rather then wait for needed treatment.

Brushing and flossing for receding gums

To prevent receding gums you should brush the teeth and gums at least twice a day, once in the morning to prepare for the day and once before bed so the teeth are clean over night. It is important to floss teeth well at least once a day but preferably twice each day.

This removes food particles from between and around the teeth and starves growing germs. By preventing damage or buildup on or around the teeth, the gums are able to remain healthy.

Hormonal supplements for receding gums

Where aging is the cause of receding gums regular dental care should be followed. While it will not stop the process, it will slow the speed with which the gums are receding and help protect teeth as long as possible.

If medications are used, they can sometimes be adjusted or changed to decrease the problem. Where dry mouth is causing receding gums, treatments may be offered that include increased hydration and mouth washes that improve dry mouth symptoms.

Hormonal imbalances can be addressed with a hormone supplement to help reduce the symptoms of the imbalance.

Dental cleanings for receding gums

Some causes will leave few options for treatment and in some cases dental procedures may be needed. Dental cleanings can remove buildup with scaling procedures, but they may not be able to solve the entire concern.


A soft tissue graft may be used after a deep clean. Tissue is taken from the jaw area and used to replace the tissue in the area of the gums that it is required. Replacing the gums with healthy tissue may encourage them to grow healthy and to cover the teeth properly.

Mouthwash for receding gums

If gum disease is causing receding gums, a prescription mouthwash may be used to encourage the removal of germs and encourage healthy growth of the gum tissue. This can be used twice daily after brushing and flossing.

Receding gums can be treated based upon the originating cause, and a dentist appointment should be made to address the concern as soon as possible. Left untreated receding gums can lead to loose teeth and can even cause tooth loss.

Prevention of receding gums is important, but some causes are not easily avoided, such as hormonal changes and aging. In those instances medication adjustments can be attempted and there may be mouthwash or other treatments that a dentist can recommend.

All gums should be treated with a scheduled dental cleaning once or twice a year to ensure they are free from debris and buildup.

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