Are Raisins Good For Tooth Decay?

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Written By Kassandra Foreman / Reviewed By Ray Spotts

Fighting the tide of sticky foods causing increased cavities and tooth decay, raisins are seen as the exception to that rule. New studies have shown that they have chemicals that fight the bacteria that cause cavities and help to prevent tooth decay from beginning or worsening. These recent discoveries could change the snacking recommendations around raisins.

Sugars are known to gather on teeth and around the gums, which allows harmful bacteria to grow. Sticky foods that are high in sugar are likely to cause an increase in tooth decay by providing ideal conditions for bacteria growth. However, raisins have natural sugars - fructose and glucose types.

Antioxidants in raisins

There is evidence that several of the components of raisins are healthy for teeth and can reduce both cavities and gum disease. High in antioxidants that fight the growth of bacteria, consuming raisins may reduce the harmful bacteria in the mouth and keep the gums healthy. They help to hinder the ability of bacteria to stick to the teeth and this slows the damage that can be caused.

Saliva and raisins

As raisins are consumed and chewing takes place there is an increase in saliva production. Saliva is the mouth’s first line of defense against build-up and tooth decay. It rinses food and small bits of food debris from the mouth and allows the teeth to remain clean.

It also lowers the acidity levels in the mouth which protects the teeth from acid damage. These factors drastically reduce the formation of cavities and protect the gums from build-up and irritation.

Sticky foods and oral hygiene

When any sticky foods are eaten, they should be rinsed off the teeth as soon as possible with water or the teeth should be brushed to remove any sticky food particles from the surface of the teeth. This is in addition to brushing teeth twice daily and flossing to keep build-up down and residue removed.

Flossing loosens any bits that are stuck between the teeth or that are on the sides of the teeth and brushing further washes these away. To maintain the correct balance within the mouth a mouthwash can be useful.

Despite maintaining a healthy diet and choosing foods that are not harmful to the teeth, cavities may still occur. It is important to maintain regular check-ups and cleanings with a dental professional. These appointments offer a detail cleaning and remove any build-up that has occurred that regular brushing is unable to stop and allows any cavities to be caught and treated early.

While many foods that are sticky and get stuck to the teeth increase tooth decay and cavities that form, raisins are seen as the exception to that rule. The antioxidants that are found within them are able to deter the bacteria growth that leads to cavities and gum disease.

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