ReliefMD Foot Oil

"If you are a Waiter, Nurse, Dr, in the military or whatever and stand on your feet many hours this product is for you."


ReliefMD Foot Oil


Handcrafted in small batches to ensure the highest quality and purest ingredients, Relief MD Body (formally Revigorate Foot) naturally provides instant relief as it penetrates deep into the skin—helping with the discomfort of sore feet and ankles

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Let the Power of Sweet Almond and Eucalyptus Leaf Oil Ease Your Tired and Strained Feet

Discomfort Relief fueled by the power of nature

Using our proprietary formulation method, Relief MD Foot harnesses the power of Sweet almond kernel oil, Eucalyptus leaf oil, Peppermint leaf oil, Wintergreen leaf oil, Camphor tree oil, Spearmint leaf oil, Frankincense tree oil and Lavender to provide fast relief to sore and tired feet.

Stand on Your Feet All Day?

Treat Your Achy Arches to Relief

Relief MD Foot Oil (formerly Revigorate Foot) is perfect for people on their feet all day. Just a few drops soothe strained muscles and aches!

Bioelectric Mapping Technology

We use a trade secret formulation method that embraces the biodynamic electric activity generated by your body. Bioelectric Mapping® identifies previously unrecognized nutrient interactions that take place when you feed your body or skin. We have discovered how to map those nutrient interactions which show us what the body needs for optimal nutrition. We then apply that research to support internal body harmony by selecting natural ingredients based on what the body needs to perform at peak performance. The results are a more balanced and holistic approach giving way to products that are unique, powerful, and very effective.

What you need to know about our product

Relief MD Foot Oil (formerly Revigorate Foot) is for people on their feet all day. For the discomfort of tired and achy feet.

Contains 100% pure ingredients of Sweet almond kernel oil, Eucalyptus leaf oil, Eucalyptol leaf oil, Wintergreen leaf oil, Camphor tree oil, Spearmint leaf oil, Frankincense tree oil, Lavender flower oil

Apply Relief MD Foot Oil to feet immediately before and after running, jogging, or any athletic endeavor. Coat the bottom of your feet, between the toes, the top of the feet, and 2 inches above the ankle. Swipe one drop on upper lip below nose. Do not rub in. Wash hands after use. Avoid contact with eyes and other sensitive tissue. Keep out of reach of children. Do not use on open wounds.


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Working Feet

This is a great company and I have been using their products for years. If you are a Waiter, Nurse, Dr, in the military or whatever and stand on your feet many hours this product is for you. Try it nothing is more important than your own care. The are many products on the market and most just help, but to find one that work, as in OraMD, ReVigorate, and even none Trusted Health Products as in On Your Toes is very rare. It is a common complaint that everyday cosmetic products found on the shelf in Pharmacies and other Stores just mask the problems. Thats what makes these products so special. Regular Customer, and travel nowhere without these items.

Chris C.

My poor feet have been thorough a lot in their life time and with a lot more life left in them, I was anxious to find something that would help. From standing 6-8 hours a day, to walking and running for exercise, and difficulty finding the proper fitting shoes, my feet are usually quite painful by evening and even in the mornings when I first get up – especially on the balls of my foot. So when I heard that there was a botanical blend of oils that was made specifically for the feet, I had to try it! The Runner’s Choice targets the runner, walker, or anyone that has sore, tired feet from years of abuse and standing. It is formulated with 100% botanical oils that the pores and skin of your feet and ankles will love. It is comprised of almond, eucalyptus, eucalyptol, wintergreen, peppermint, and spearmint. I liberally applied this to my feet before working the other day. My shoes I wear to school are quite hard, not overly comfy and the balls of my feet usually hurt and tingle by the time I get home. So I thought a workday would be the perfect day to try it. I coated my feet with the oil and slid on some socks. You do not have to rub in the oil – just allow it to ********* the skin and get to work. The scent of the oil is very minty but not unpleasant. I could smell it a bit all day. By the time I got home, I realized that I was not walking tenderly, protecting my feet. They actually felt great and that was with the first use only! In the morning, I was surprised that my feet felt just as good. I have been using this oil on work days and after my walks. Once I get into the gym and start running again it will be a lifesaver there too! I am very pleased with the condition of the skin on my feet too. They are actually soft and feel great! My feet have always been very dry and abused. This is a fabulous product and something that I would recommend to runners, those on their feet for long periods of time and those with just plain sore feet. It is interesting and so worth the price. A little goes a long way!

Billie K.

Runner or not, some of the most neglected skin on our body is our feet. We are standing, walking, working out, and just generally on our feet a lot during the day. If you happen to be like me and try to run regularly, the skin on our feet harden to protect bones and muscles that are beat up during a run, lessening our overall pain. So how do you take care of your feet? Most people use lotions, but they are usually ineffective on the callused skin of the feet. Pedicures are a desired option for women because of how their feet get treated, but constant pedicures can get expensive. Yet, we still strive for soft, healthy feet right? An nice alternative is The Runner’s Choice foot oil. The Runner’s Choice is a combination of almond, eucalyptus, eucalytol, wintergreen, peppermint, and spearmint which combines to refresh and heal foot damage. The select combination of oils works well together to soften calluses and is a nice treat for runner’s because your feet get so sore after a run. The oils soak into the skin naturally to help relieve pain and a bonus is your feet smell pretty good after using the oil. The refreshing, relaxing feeling that my feet get after application of the oil is a welcome treat that makes me want to run and finish my run faster so I can get home and put my oil on. The addition of The Runner’s Choice to my repertoire of essential oils has me even more convinced in the power of oils to heal and refresh the body. My feet have benefited greatly from The Runner’s Choice.

Tom R.

A few days ago I ran the Big Cottonwood Half Marathon and decided it would be a good time to test it out The Runner’s Choice so I packed the bottle in my bag. The race course is the steepest half marathon I’ve ever run with a 2,600 elevation drop from start to finish. It was a fast course due to the downhill nature. I always get a kick out of runners who complain about downhill running since I love having gravity on my side and it makes it much easier, but they do have a point. Steep downhill runs can be very stressful on your feet and ankles. About 9 miles into the race I could tell my toes were taking a beating from the harder than usual impact. I also realized that I needed slightly bigger shoes. I finished the race with a new PR so I was very happy but my ankle and feet were hurting. After resting and hydrating at the finish line I decided to give the product a test. I took off my shoes and noticed several blisters on the tips of my toes. I put my feet in an ice chest for about 1 minute since that was all the pain I could take. I then dried them off and applied the Runners Choice to my feet and drove home. The ingredients in this product include a blend of oils from almond, eucalyptus, wintergreen, peppermint, and spearmint. About 35 minutes later when I arrived home I was surprised that I could no longer see the blisters on my toes. I’m not claiming that Runners Choice magically makes blisters disappear, but it greatly minimized their appearance and was very soothing to my sore feet. I’m sure briefly icing my feet also helped and I know this is not a scientific double blind study, but I did like the product and plan on using it again after I run the St. George Marathon next month.

Nicole B.

The cool thing I discovered? It’s not just for runners! I have used this for so many scenarios: attending events, all-day cleaning and laundry, running, and walking at our local theme park.So it should really be called Runners/Walkers/Everydayer’s Choice! Some things to note: The Runner’s Choice is scientifically formulated with 100% natural botanical oils of almond, eucalyptus, eucalytol, wintergreen, peppermint, and spearmint. Unlike many commercial creams and lotions, the botanical oils in The Runner’s Choice are very easily received through the pores in the skin, with simple topical application, and no rubbing.(Info taken from manufacturer.) See all those oils listed? You smell them upon application – and unless you’re going barefoot, you quit smelling them when you put on your socks and kicks. Contrary to what I thought, I was not slipping & sliding after application!



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