What's In Your Sunscreen? Say No To Oxybenzone

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While proper skin care is of paramount importance, the level of urgency with which you should take care of the skin increases tenfold in the sun. The sun, while helpful with its nourishing amounts of natural vitamin D, can be harmful if we get too much of it, or do not prep and protect our skin before facing the harsh rays.

However, all sunscreen and sunblock is not created equal. There is a specific ingredient in many sunscreens that is downright harmful and dangerous to use. The chemical oxybenzone has been incorporated in sunscreen for years. Recently, health experts and researchers have uncovered the dangerous implications of this compound. 

One of the dangers of this ingredient is that it disrupts and mimic hormones. Hormone imbalances can cause a wide array and variety of health concerns. In order for our body to function that way that it should, our hormones must be aligned.

Hormone function regulates everything in the body from mood, to weight, to energy levels. Messing with hormones is ill-advised and can lead to many health issues. An imbalance of hormones can also completely throw off the endocrine system, which is directly responsible for the immune system. That's a hefty risk to take.

Another side effect of oxybenzone is the allergic reaction that is sometimes accompanied by use. There have been reports of redness, swelling and discomfort on the parts of the body where sunscreen with oxybenzone is used. Anything that will break out the skin, or cause it to have an unsavory reaction, is not recommended for use.

Sensitive skin usually develops when something not conducive, or agreeable with the skin, comes in contact with it. Listen to your skin, be mindful of what you put on it and how it reacts to products. This is a big indicator of harmful ingredients.

Oxybenzone has also been known to have issues with leaving the body once it's absorbed through the skin. Numerous studies conducted have shown that the rate of absorption of oxybenzone is so high that it's detected in urine 5 days after it is used.

One specific study showed that the chemical compound was still present in over 96% of the tested group after using commonly purchased sunscreen. This is a problem that should be rectified. While many sunscreen products have removed this specific chemical from their products, it still remains in others.

The substance has also been linked to low birthrate in women who were pregnant while using sunscreen latent with it. This is likely related to the hormone imbalance that is caused by exposure. Women who are pregnant do have to be incredibly careful and cognizant of what they put on and in their bodies; they don't want anything to harm their innocent, defenseless unborn babies.

If a chemical has enough power to prevent a fetus from developing as it should, it must have potentially disastrous effects on the human body in whatever stage it may be in. It's incredibly pertinent that we are well aware of what is in the products we use. Going completely natural seems to be the only way to protect ourselves. 

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