The Potency Of A Lime

When it comes to citrus fruits, most people are aware of the fact that they can be fundamentally beneficial to our bodies. Limes have been used in the food and beverage industry for generations and it's no surprise that the fruit also has ties to being used in ancient medicine for different issues. It has body-wide effects that go well beyond its ability to help manage or prevent colds. Not only is the citrus smell downright delightful and refreshing, the components within the oil are powerful and restorative. Here's how the oil can help you.

Promote Relaxation And Quell Anxiety

So many of us deal with worry. While some have figured out a way to circumvent this worry so that it doesn't become increasingly more pronounced, others suffer from anxiety or even panic. This is something that can be terribly hard to manage and can impede the quality of life that you lead. In order to help with this or to calm your mind, try adding a few drops of lime oil into a vaporizer or diffuser. You can even add it to bathwater. The smell of citrus is calming while still providing you with the necessary bit of invigoration that comes from the scent.

Chest Congestion And Coughs

The oil can also work well to knock out those seasonal allergies that so many of us suffer from. Just a few drops of lime oil in steaming hot water is something that you can inhale that will help you with any type of terrible cough, sore throat or red eyes. Doing this a couple of times a day will have you feeling better in no time. If you can't seem to inhale at all, rubbing some of the oil, mixed in with a carrier oil like coconut or jojoba, onto your neck and chest will likely do the trick. Not only will it act as a decongestant but it will also smell absolutely terrific and refreshing.

Skin Issues

Any oil that can be used to positively impact the skin is one that you should have in your collection. This is because the skin product manufacturers will have you paying ridiculous amounts of money for products that don't work and are likely contaminated by other chemicals that aren't too good for your skin or your health. Natural oils are the way to go and skin can be completely treated and transformed by some of the oils we've introduced you to in the past. The vitamin C that is present in the oil will aid in taking out the impurities that often accumulate on the face. It also helps to grow new skin cells at a quick rate. This will have skin appearing youthful and glowing.

Dandruff Zapper

If you've ever suffered from dandruff, you know annoying it can be. Constantly scratching your scalp and the little white-flaked evidence in your hair and on your clothes can be absolutely nightmarish. Just a couple of drops of lime oil in your favorite shampoo will definitely do the trick. You'll be itch and flake free in no time. 

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