Struggling To Get Clear Skin? Common Issues That Can Cause Dryness

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Written By Emma Sturgis / Reviewed By Ray Spotts

Dry skin is characterized by itchiness, roughness, scaling, and cracking of the skin. In more severe cases, the skin may develop deep cracks that may bleed. The skin areas affected by dry skin include the face, trunk, legs, and arms.

Usually, dry skin is nothing to worry about, but it shouldn't be ignored because it may lead to more severe conditions like atopic dermatitis. Some Atopic Dermatitis Resources include the World Allergy Organization and patient organizations and clinic.

Common Causes Of Dry Skin

Aging can cause dry skin

Aging makes the skin more vulnerable to dryness. Although dry skin is familiar to everyone, older adults are more likely to have dry skin because they develop a thin epidermal layer, and their skin can no longer hold moisture. It is advisable to use anti-aging moisturizers to prevent more complicated skin conditions.

Weather can cause dry skin

During winter, one is more likely to have dry skin because the cold weather makes the skin's moisture evaporate, leaving the skin tight and dry. It is advisable to wear clothes that protect the skin like a scarf and gloves to prevent this. Moisturizing your skin can also be an excellent way to prevent dry skin in winter.

Washing Hands Frequently can cause dry skin

Washing your hands frequently, especially using soap and water, can cause dry skin. Water and soap strip your skin of oils, leaving the skin dry. Keeping hands clean is crucial, so one should moisturize their hands with creams after washing them to prevent the moisture from evaporating.

Dehydration can cause dry skin

When you sweat, you tend to lose a lot of water. Staying hydrated helps retrieve the water that has been lost. Dehydration causes the skin to lose its plumpness, which leads to dryness.

Swimming in Chlorinated Pools

Chlorine strips the skin of sebum, which is a protective layer. After taking a swim in chlorinated water, the skin feels tight and itchy, which leads to dryness. To prevent this, you should moisturize after swimming.

Acne Medications can cause dry skin

Some medications that are used to treat acne have side effects, which include dryness of the skin. Consult with your doctor to prescribe a medication that does not cause dryness or reduce the frequency of using these medications.

Long Hot Showers can cause dry skin

Long hot showers cause dryness because the hot water inflames the skin causing it to itch and become reddish. When this happens, moisture and natural oils in the skin are lost, making it dry.

The good thing is you can always heal your dry skin at home using home remedies. They include an oatmeal bath, honey, virgin coconut oil, and milk.

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