Skin Conditions You Should Always Talk To A Dermatologist About

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Written By Anita Ginsburg / Reviewed By Ray Spotts

Your skin is your largest organ. It's the first thing people will notice about you when they see you. Therefore, you want to ensure that it looks great. You also want to ensure it is healthy. Unhealthy skin could be a sign of any of a number of very serious conditions that require attention from a medical professional. Of course, some skin conditions aren't anything to be worried about at all. So, how do you know the difference?

Here are some skin conditions you should always talk to a dermatologist about.

Discuss Transmuting Moles with a dermatologist

If you ever notice a mole changing color or size, you need to get to talk to a dermatology office right away. This is a tell-tale sign of melanoma. Melanoma is a fatal form of cancer. Catching the condition quickly is crucial, so do not put off going to the doctor any longer than absolutely necessary.

Discuss skin Pain with a dermatologist

Some skin conditions can actually cause a great deal of discomfort and pain. The pain can hinder your mobility or create sleep problems due to pressure on your skin. Without proper sleep, you may not be able to go about your day at your highest level of functionality. Some of the most common skin conditions that can cause pain include:

Discuss Extensive Coverage of a skin condition with a dermatologist

If the skin condition covers over 10 percent of your body, it's a good idea to get to a dermatologist as soon as possible to prevent the condition from spreading even further. Skin conditions that cover that much of the body are obviously very noticeable. This can cause insecurity and social problems if you are afraid to go out and let people see the skin problem. It can also be indicative of an issue that goes more than skin deep.

Discuss Open Sores with a dermatologist

Some skin conditions can create lesions and sores on your skin. This is not only painful but very dangerous if the wounds don't heal. If the sores don't seem to get better within a regular timeframe, you need to cover them up to prevent infection. Infection can lead to very serious additional problems, even death.

A dermatologist will be able to help figure out why the sores aren’t healing themselves in addition to helping you heal. With that information, you can help prevent future issues.

Clear, healthy skin is important for your health as well as your self esteem. Take good care of your skin by avoiding excessive sun exposure on hot, sunny days and moisturize regularly. You will look and feel a lot better. However, if you still experience one of these problems, a doctor will be able to help.

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