Pennyroyal Oil: What's So Great About It?

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Pennyroyal is a plant that is indigenous to native Europe and resembles grass in its original form. It smells of mint when it is crushed and has tremendous healing power. There is a steam distillation process that includes isomenthone, neomenthone and pulegone that it goes through in order to become oil. Because it has such a high level of pulegone, it can actually be classified as poisonous in large amounts. So it's kind of remarkable that this plant has been used for years in ancient times as a folk medicine staple. Accuracy of dosage is incredibly important. Here are all the ways in which this oil can be beneficial.

Antibacterial And Antimicrobial

The specific properties that are found in this oil are actually a result of its toxicity. Even trace quantities of this oil can be incredibly corrective and eliminating to those microorganisms that can be harmful and deadly to human beings. The ability of this oil to really clean specific surfaces and wounds to prevent infections from growing and bacteria from spreading is impressive. When this oil is used topically, the amount doesn't need to be that closely monitored but a lot goes a long way.

Anti-Arthritic And Antirheumatic

For those who deal with painful joints and muscles on a continual basis, this is a terrific oil to keep on hand. There is a specific type of numbing effect that this oil has on the nerves that often cause problems for those who have pain conditions or arthritic pain in their joints. It promotes relief by aiding the circulation of blood and it also helps to rid the body of toxins that can cause even more problems for those who suffer from rheumatism or arthritis. It also provides a pleasant warming sensation that helps aid the pain and causes the blood to circulate at a more efficient level.


Many women experience incredibly painful menstruation which can really be difficult to deal with on a continual basis. For those who find that their period is irregular or blocked, this oil is great and promotes regular, normal menstruation. What happens in the prior cases is that a build-up occurs, and when menstruation actually does happen, it's much heavier and more painful than it would be otherwise. Just a few drops of pennyroyal rubbed into the lower stomach stimulates the blood flow and promotes necessary and healthy menstrual cycles for women.


It is a good aid for teeth and just a little bit goes a long way when you rub this oil on your gums. For those who may suffer from gingivitis or other oral health issues, this oil allows gums to contract and bind closer to teeth - which is fantastic if you are dealing with loose teeth. The oil increases the contractions of the muscles in the gums and naturally tightens them. It can also be used similarly on the face and the hair for the same effect - to tighten sagging skin and to strengthen hair roots.

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