Lemon Oil's Zesty Appeal

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Lemons have been regarded as one of the most effective and helpful fruits for the face, hair and even teeth. What many people fail to realize is that lemon can be found in a much easier form as an oil. This means that you won't have to cut open a fresh lemon every time you need a little bit of the juice for one of its many uses.

Lemon is known for its ability to be stimulating, detoxifying, sleep inducing, refreshing and disinfecting. Included below are some of the ways in which you can use lemons for daily beauty and health treatments. 

Mouth Care

This yummy smelling oil can be used for those who suffer from halitosis, which is the fancy term for bad breath. It also can be used to whiten your teeth. The germs that can sometimes get caught in the mouth can be incredibly smelly and cause bad breath to form at the back of the throat.

Taking a bit of lemon oil on an ear swab, or on your finger if you'd rather, and running it through both sides of your mouth, taking care to reach the back of the tongue can eliminate what causes bad breath within moments. The whitening aspect of lemon can be used to fight stain buildup and the yellowing of teeth. The acid in lemon helps to eradicate the dinginess that sometimes clings to our otherwise pearly whites.

Enhance Skin

Lemon oil is great for skin because it promotes a natural, healthy glow of the face. It can provide a bit of clarity to skin, and has even been linked to clearing up acne issues. The citric and plant acids that are found in both the lemon peel and the lemon itself helps to brighten skin, helping with hyper pigmentation and dark spots.

It also helps to remove dead skin cells and aid in healthy cell growth. Putting a few drops of lemon oil in your cleanser, or even in a mask, is advised. Do make sure you rinse your face thoroughly, as lemon does react harshly on skin if exposed to the sun.

Strengthen Hair

Lemon oil can be used as a great aid for your hair, it is also said to have a hand in eliminating dandruff. So not only will you have shinier, healthier hair, but your scalp with be fortified. Lemon oil will also leave your hair smelling lovely. Try putting a few drops of lemon oil in your shampoo to get your tresses looking luminous. You can even try massaging a few drops along your scalp to help eliminate any dandruff you've been suffering from.

Nail Power

Sometimes your fingernails can look dingy and weak. The properties in lemon oil can help brighten them as well as making them stronger. The astringent properties of lemon, coupled with its brightening agents, will help your nails appear whiter while encouraging them to grow. Lemon oil is such a multifaceted gift, you'd be surprised of all the ways it can be used effectively.

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