Key Skin Benefits Of Neem Tree Oil

Neem tree oil is incredibly powerful and effective in many different ways. While Neem trees are native to specific parts of India, they can also be found elsewhere. One of the most odorous of the essential oils, neem tree oil tends to require dilution because its scent is very strong and pungent. Many individuals don't particularly enjoy the smell of the oil. Many parts of the neem tree are used in the cultivation of the oil that is extracted from it. That includes leaves, flowers, fruits, branches and even the roots. Here are the top benefits associated with neem oil.


Neem tree oil is a tremendous oil to use on skin. Because of its nutrient-rich components, it's perfect to incorporate into your skin care routine if anti-aging is your main objective. High levels of antioxidants will protect the skin from the free radicals that tend to age the skin in many different ways. Are you suffering from skin that is starting to look drab or sagging? This is likely caused by a combination of free radicals in the environment, skin care routine and diet. Add a couple of drops of neem oil into your cleanser or toner for renewed and supple skin.


If you are struggling with breakouts and find that new blemishes pop up almost every day, we understand just how frustrating that can be. Acne has a way of really infringing upon your confidence and self esteem. The way that your skin looks can give you an extra pep in your step, or it can make you feel like cowering in a corner. Due to its cleansing abilities, neem oil is perfect for skin that is prone to breaking out. It removes bad bacteria from the skin that often causes the breakouts in the first place. It's also great for treating those scars that acne tends to leave behind due to the high fatty acid content within the oil.

Relieves Eczema

One of the most common skin conditions is eczema. It affects sufferers in varying degrees. Some barely notice when they are having a flare-up, while others can't hide it if they tried. Due to its amount of vitamin E, eczema is quickly penetrated by neem tree oil. This helps to treat the affected skin by restoring a protective barrier around and on the skin. Neem oil can help in reducing inflammation and healing the abrasions that sometimes result in the itching that eczema causes. This skin condition often results in redness, swelling, and irritation. Neem tree oil can directly address all of those symptoms.

Fights Fungus

Things like athlete's foot, nail fungus and ring worm don't stand a chance against this powerful oil. The anti-fungal properties within it will stop fungus growth in its tracks. As soon as you suspect even a tinge of a problem, use neem tree oil instead of the over-the-counter creams. It's much safer and much more effective.

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