Key Benefits Of Sea Buckthorn Oil

With an interesting and distinct name, sea buckthorn oil sounds like something out of a sci-fi novel or something found in the depths of the ocean. Neither is true. In fact, this scarcely known fruit oil has tremendous properties that may be surprising for some to fully grasp - especially considering you've likely never even heard of this oil before. It comes from the seeds and berries of a plant called sea buckthorn. Its abilities are widespread and impressive. Its nutrient-dense capacity is quite stunning. It has been the subject of many studies lately with impressive findings. Here are the few, most pressing.

Cancer Fighter

A study showed that a specific activity within this oil helps to diminish negative effects on the liver. These effects can often be directly related to liver cancer, as well as particular diet, genetics and toxin accumulation. Because the liver is the largest organ within the body, this type of cancer occurs at high rates. Definitely an impressive aside to consider as the study had positive findings.

Great For Skin

There is no shortage of oils that have amazing, beneficial effects on the skin. Sea buckhorn oil is definitely another one to add to that very long list. It has been found to not only help to reduce the appearance of acne, dermatitis, dry skin, stretch marks and other skin issues, but also prevent them from occurring to begin with. Due to its dense nutritional makeup, it's like food for the skin. You can add it to your already established skin care routine or if you are attempting to spruce things up a bit, it's a welcome change.

Helps Adrenal Fatigue

If you have a very busy life, you have likely experienced burnout before. What many people don't know is that burnout actually has a medical term called adrenal fatigue. The function that your body goes through when it is operating healthily means your energy levels are normal and anxiety is relatively manageable. When your adrenal glands get overworked, they tend to shut down which heightens the fight or flight response. Stress is a huge precursor for this issue and if your adrenal glands aren't working properly, you'll constantly feel exhausted, yet anxious and discombobulated. Rubbing this oil into your lower back will help bring your adrenal glands back to functioning fully.

Immune System Support

Having an immune system that fully functions in the manner it is supposed to is crucial. The immune system protects your body from disease and sickness. Any outlier such as parasites, viruses and bacteria are no match for a strong immune system. Yet many things about our lifestyles and choices deplete the immune system. Thankfully, oils like sea buckthorn help to strengthen and fortify the immune system so that it can properly do its job of protecting us.

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