Impressive Chickweed Oil Benefits

As it currently stands, we've gone over a plethora of different oils that prove to be incredibly diverse in their ability to provide treatments to specific issues. The spotlight today is on a plant that isn't very popular or widely known. For this reason, it is a bit difficult to get in oil form as the unending benefits of the plant aren't yet fully widespread. There are several ways in which this oil, and the plant itself in its simpler form, are incredibly beneficial to a whole host of issues. Here are just some of the ways it can be used.

Heals Skin

The biggest organ we have is our skin. Some don't even realize it's considered an organ but it deals with and protects us from a lot. The skin absorbs so many harmful entities from the environment. This can be incredibly taxing and negative for the skin. When chickweed oil is used on the skin it acts as an emollient which allows it to have both a drying and cooling effect to wounds or skin breakouts. If you suffer from eczema or psoriasis, having a flare-up means specific areas of your skin begin to look almost ghastly. Applying a bit of chickweed oil to your affected areas is a good idea.

Natural Diuretic

If you notice you store water abnormally or are prone to swelling, you may need a bit of help to promote urination and your internal circulation. This type of issue is actually very common and is linked to inflammation. Inflammation is related to a number of diseases from auto-immune to diabetes and heart disease.

Managing your health through diet, exercise and supplementation is key. Thankfully you can also use oils to help spur on the process. By rubbing some of the chickweed oil on your lower abdomen and back you are providing your system trace minerals it needs to promote the natural flushing of water. This helps to rid your body of toxins and stored deposits.

Fever Reducer

Having the flu and feeling feverish is never any fun. In fact, it makes it difficult to rest. Your body often aches and you can't seem to fight the congestion and coughing that is often associated with the illness. Chickweed is a perfect antidote for that fever as you can add some to the bottoms of your feet. Massage it in well and the elements within the oil will help to draw the fever out. You'll notice that your fever will break in no time when you use this method during flu season.

Digestive Aid

Constipation is a very uncomfortable state. The regular and natural consistent flow of the bowels is what ensures that your digestive system is doing what it should. It ensures that your intestines are working exactly as they ought to and will prevent certain diseases that can often be linked to lack of gut health. If you notice consistent constipation, you may want to take a look at what you're consuming. You should also keep some chickweed oil on hand to rub into your stomach to help regulate your digestion and ease your discomfort.

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