Health Benefits Of Ucuuba Butter

Like many of the oils and butters we have explored, ucuuba was originally discovered generations ago in parts of South and Central America. It is also known by its scientific name, virola surinamensis, which is the tree that the tiny red fruit comes from. It is sometimes also known as baboon wood or wild nutmeg. The trees that bear this fruit can get as high as 30 meters. Naturally rich in fats, this fruit yields a tremendous butter that can be used for many different purposes. Here's some of the most common.

Irritated Skin

If you have sensitive skin or skin that irritates easily, you know just how tough it is to find products that don't cause you to turn red or break out. Having skin that constantly seems like it’s in the middle of a temper tantrum can be incredibly difficult. Thankfully, the antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties of this butter, combined with its gentleness, make it a perfect hit for your irritated skin. It will help to eliminate the irritation as well as take care of any swelling that you may be experiencing. You can use the butter as a treatment for irritated skin but also continue to use it once your skin is completely healthy. There are tremendous benefits associated with this butter.

Thwarts Aging

Due to its fatty acid content, which is actually quite high and impressive, this type of butter works wonders on skin that needs a little extra help. If you are anything like so many people in this world, anti-aging concerns you a great deal. Getting rid of those pesky forehead lines or age spots or sagging skin can be a bit of a challenge. Enter ucuuba butter. It helps your skin to maintain the proper moisture it so desperately craves as well as infuses your skin with a number of vitamins and minerals that are essential to overall skin health and looking young.

Arthritis And Rheumatism

If you are suffering from one of these issues, inflammation is part of your everyday life. You likely feel a great deal of discomfort when you go about completing your daily tasks because the tension and tightening in your joints can sometimes become so unbearable. Due to the anti-inflammatory properties within the oil, there's a good chance that ucuuba butter can provide you with some of the relief you've been so desperately missing. Rub it on your problem areas both morning and night for at least a week to see some consistent improvement.


While the butter isn't ideal to use in this scenario, ucuuba also comes in oil form. Treating a wound, bite or cut right after it happens is essential to it healing properly and not becoming infected. To circumvent even the possibility of an infection occurring, make sure you treat your wound right away. By ensuring that it's properly sanitized, it will not only heal faster but it will protect you from infections.

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