Cranberry Seed Oil: Skin's Secret Weapon

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Skin can be an incredibly complex and difficult entity to understand and treat, and so many of us are constantly on the quest for ways to help aid our skin. It seems like there are so many things that can plague the skin, whether it be dryness, sensitivity, signs of aging, or skin conditions.

This is one of the reasons that so many over-the-counter products simply don't work or do what they say. It's because the state of your skin is contingent on so many things. Genetics, environmental factors, diet, and nutritional deficiencies can all play a huge part in the overall quality of the skin. Cranberry seed oil is so multifaceted that it manages to really cut through and correct some of the most common issues experienced. Here's all the ways in which it can help.


We all want to prevent the signs of aging for as long as possible. The youthful glow is something that so many of us try to attain but often to no avail. Whether it be sagging skin, laugh lines or drab, lifeless skin, the way that the skin starts to show age can be disheartening and difficult to deal with. Because cranberry seed oil is so high in vitamin A, vitamin E, Omega 3 and phytosterols, it does wonders to improve the elasticity of the skin and promote a restored glow.

Dry Skin

One of the most difficult things to deal with is dry skin. When it becomes cracked or scaly it can seem like nothing will soothe it and give it the moisture that it so desperately needs. Due to all the many vitamins and nutrients present in this oil, it helps to treat and fight dry skin substantially.

So if you struggle from skin that is easily irritated, cracks or is incredibly dry, this is an oil you'll want to keep on hand. Just a few drops of it will coat and penetrate the skin, providing much needed moisture.

Sun Protectant

Many don't realize that oftentimes skin issues are a direct result of not adequately protecting their skin from the sun. The sun can be such a powerful, negative force on the skin. This is why using sun screen is so vital. However, drugstore sunscreen itself isn't the best for you because of the chemicals that are often laden in the product.

So that leaves you at a crossroads. What can you really do to protect your skin from the sun without causing it further harm? Cranberry seed oil is the answer. It is a natural sun protectant. A coat of this oil on your face, arms or anywhere exposed to the sun will provide adequate protection.

Skin Conditions

Many skin issues like psoriasis and eczema can be aided by cranberry seed oil. Oftentimes, these skin issues that are linked to autoimmunity manifest as itchy, dry, discolored clusters of skin. The vitamins within the oil and its ability to treat and moisturize dry patches make it the perfect oil to use on any clustered patches of skin. This will mitigate flares and help noticeable flares heal faster.

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