The Benefits Of Rose Oil

The fragrance of roses is tied to many things for most people. Whether it be backyard gardens or an unexpected surprise in the form of a bouquet, roses hold very positive and fond memories for many people. It's interesting to think about the fact that this lovely, pleasing flower actually has many beneficial properties that can be used for a myriad of different issues. Interestingly enough, rose essential oil has been used in natural beauty regimens for centuries. Here's some of the ways that this oil can be used effectively.


Dealing with those pesky blemishes that show up on the face, either in a chronic fashion or every now and then, can be so difficult to deal with and heal correctly. There are so many things that various sources state can help treat and heal acne, many of them don't work as promised. The fantastic thing about rose oil is that it has an ingredient within it that is proven to help reverse acne. It tackles the bacteria propionibacterium acnes and eliminates it better than over 10 other oils that can also prove to be helpful for the skin. Try dabbing just one drop of the oil on your blemishes at least twice a day and watch them start to diminish very quickly. Instead of using your hands which carry a high amount of bacteria, use a sterile cotton swab to administer the oil.

Increase Skin Permeation

One of the most interesting ways that this oil can increase the state of the skin is by making it more permeable. This means that it allows the skin to better and more easily absorb the nutrients that can positively affect your skin from other items in your regimen. Ideally those items would be of the natural and organic variety. These type of things are much better for the skin as they don't have the harmful chemicals and additives that can do more damage than good. Keep that in mind when you are choosing products for your face.

Increase Libido

That's right, if you are having problems with your libido and sex drive then this oil can actually be very helpful. Due to its anti-anxiety properties, it naturally allows men who experience sexual dysfunction, that can often be heavily related to stress and performance anxiety, enjoy healthy sex lives. A good way to use the oil for this purpose is to rub a couple drops of the oil on the neck or even use a diffuser to fill the room with the fragrant and lovely aroma. You can even add a carrier oil like jojoba or coconut and use it as a massage oil to give your partner a sensual massage. A few drops go a long way in aiding in this way. It also can be used for those who struggle with depression as this oil is known to be incredibly helpful for those who grapple with mental sadness or anxiety. So if you notice that you or someone you love is being very withdrawn, try rose oil as an instant pick me up and mood booster.

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