The Benefits Of Davana Oil

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There are a plethora of plants that provide amazing benefits when they are used in a specific manner. It's much easier to use these plants when they're in oil form as it makes them incredibly multi-faceted and useful in many different ways and applications.

The davana plant, which is incredibly well known in Hindi culture and used in Indian medicine, has a whole host of benefits. Keeping the oil form on hand will prove to be a good call as it is a lovely natural aid for many different issues. Originally called Artemisia pallens, davana oil has calming properties that work in a number of ways.

Anxiety Aid

More and more people are dealing with anxiety and find it incredibly difficult to not be crippled with worry and panic depending on how their life seems to be unfolding. It is becoming a very common occurrence and you likely know at least a handful of people that struggle with it on a consistent basis.

Davana oil can actually help to calm these types of mental reactions. Just the aroma of the oil is known to actively target the receptors in the brain that are responsible for panic and worry. Try adding some of this oil to a diffuser and letting the aroma fill the air. Or try adding some drops to a cotton swab and putting it on your nightstand.

Rashes And Scars

There are tremendous healing properties in this oil. If you suffer from stretch marks or any other type of scars, treating them with this oil will have them lessening over time. Massaging just a bit on the stomach, or anywhere the stretch marks happen to exist, once a day will provide you with outstanding results when it is consistently used.

Also this oil is great for the infections that sometimes come with sores or rashes. The antiseptic and antiviral properties help to properly heal the vulnerable and wounded skin.


If you are an athlete or are prone to muscle spasms or even suffering from specific pain, this is a great oil to have in your cabinet. It can be used on muscles that are incredibly tight or hurt from excessive use or strain. If you have painful joints or soreness from ailments like arthritis, this is also an oil that can be used.

Try mixing several drops with a carrier oil like jojoba or coconut and watch how your muscles and joints are eased within 20 minutes of application. A full body massage with this oil is also incredibly relaxing and relieving.

Respiratory Aid

There are so many who suffer from respiratory issues such as asthma or seasonal allergies. Not being able to get a full, deep breath can be a very uncomfortable, panic-inducing experience. What's so great about this oil is that it helps to clear lungs that are blocked by these issues and promotes easier and deeper breathing.

Inhale the fragrant oil during an allergic reaction or when you are having a hard time breathing and you'll start to see the change in a matter of moments. This oil is truly remarkable.

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