Gum Disease: What To Know

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Written By Kassandra Foreman / Reviewed By Ray Spotts

When gum disease occurs it can cause many symptoms, including pain and discomfort, even leading up to losing teeth. It is not rare or uncommon, and is treatable when discovered early.

The symptoms are often easy to diagnose. When they become present a dentist can offer a deep clean and help create a treatment plan. Left untreated gum disease can cause other health problems.

Swollen gums and gum disease

Gum disease occurs when bacteria and buildup in the mouth cause irritation, inflammation, swelling, and discomfort for teeth and gums. As the gums become irritated with bacteria or plaque and tartar buildup they become inflamed and swollen.

Bleeding and gum disease

There is often bleeding while brushing the teeth and sometimes in between brushings when the buildup is causing separation between teeth and gums. Gums will appear red rather then a healthy pink color as well as swollen, and breath may be affected.

There will be discomfort and even pain when chewing in the areas around the teeth and gums. Sensitivity to hot and cold may also be present as well as discomfort while brushing.

Deep cleaning and gum disease

To treat gum disease all buildup and bacteria that cause infection must be cleaned and removed from the teeth and gums. A deep cleaning can help remove the buildup of plaque and tartar that causes the irritation in the gums through the use of pressurized water or a metal dental tool.

Deep cleaning includes the areas of the tooth beneath the gums. Small pockets that have formed between the teeth and gums will be cleaned out of any food particles or bacteria forming. Once the teeth and gums are clean and free of any buildup the teeth will begin to heal and the swelling will go back down. Any bad breath caused by bacteria buildup will be stopped as bacteria is removed.

Brushing, Flossing And Gum disease

To prevent gum disease it is necessary to brush and floss teeth daily. You should brush not only twice a day but after each meal whenever possible, and rinse teeth with water after snacks or drinks that contain sugar.

Flossing is imperative to reduce the occurrence of gum disease as it removes food particles and residue from hard-to-reach areas and keeps the teeth clean right to the gums.

With links to serious health concerns such as diabetes, stroke, and even heart attack, it is important not only to notice the symptoms and treat as needed but also to avoid the development with good oral hygiene. Some health concerns make it more likely to develop gum disease and may cause other health issues to become worse.

Gum disease occurs when plaque and tartar buildup cause inflammation in the gums and bacteria grows and causes infections. Symptoms include sore red gums that are bleeding and swollen, along with pain during brushing and chewing. It can be linked to heart concerns, diabetes, and other health problems that may become life threatening.

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