Grape Seed Extract Could Help Resin Fillings Last Longer

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Written By Amanda McIntyre / Reviewed By Ray Spotts

Dental fillings aren’t meant to last forever. Composite resin fillings, for instance, are only expected to last for about five to seven years. Despite its relatively short life span, however, many people still go for them mainly because they are more aesthetically pleasing than other dental filling materials. Made from a mixture of plastic and fine glass particles, composite resin fillings can be colored to match your teeth, providing a more natural appearance.

Recent research, however, is pointing to the possibility that grape seed extract could help make composite resin fillings last longer.

What Is Grape Seed Extract?

For thousands of years, grape seed extract, a derivative of red wine grape seeds, has been in use as a traditional treatment for illnesses in Europe.

Grape seed extract is said to be beneficial for people with cardiovascular conditions and is also commonly used for reducing swelling caused by injury, and for the treatment of diabetic eye conditions.

With the research published in the Journal of Dental Research, we can add the prevention of tooth decay and the prolonging of a composite resin filling’s lifespan to that list.

Grape Seed Extract And Dentin

The study conducted by Dr. Ana Bedran-Russo, associate professor at the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC), found out that grape seed extract can increase the strength of the dentin in our teeth. Dentin makes up a significant part of our teeth’s calcified extracellular tissue, and it forms the layer underneath their hard external enamel.

Dentin itself is mostly made up of collagen, the most abundant protein in the body found in the skin, bones, muscles, and tendons. According to Dr. Russo’s UIC study, grape seed extract helps repair damaged collagen, strengthening the dentin in the process. The research says it’s the flavonoids found in grape seed extract that allow damaged collagen to repair itself.

It also happens that resin needs to bind with dentin to keep composite fillings in place. Unfortunately, any bond achieved by resin and dentin tends to break down over time as we grind our teeth and subject them to everyday wear and tear.

Dr. Russo’s research reveals that grape seed extract doesn’t just strengthen dentin; it also promotes a stronger bond between dentin and composite resin restorations. By achieving better adhesion with the help of grape seed extract, the life of composite resin fillings also lasts longer than usual.

The Importance Of Longer-Lasting Fillings

About nine out of 10 adult Americans suffer from tooth decay or cavities, which are caused by a combination of factors that include bacteria in your mouth to sipping sugary drinks. More often than not, we deal with them by having a dentist remove the decay with a drill, then seal the entire hole with a filling material of our choosing.

As mentioned above, composite resin is popular because it can match the color of your tooth. It also tends to be gentler on the tooth compared to cheaper silver amalgam fillings. However, it fails much earlier than silver and most filling materials because of the weak adhesion. And when your composite resin fillings fail, decay will eventually return and lead to much worse dental problems unless you have the filling replaced immediately.

Now, with the help of grape seed extract, everyone has a chance for longer-lasting, natural-looking composite resin fillings. The improved bond between dentin and the resin will ensure everything will stay in place for a much longer time. That is something most patients can get behind, as it means fewer visits to the dentist for replacement of the composite resin fillings.

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