Dental Health Is A Lifestyle Choice

dental health lifestyle (2)Your snaggle-tooth smile was adorable when you were 4 or 5. Mommy said the tooth fairy slipped into your room overnight, stole a couple of your teeth, and left a few coins under your pillow. You had money in your piggy bank and a grin that made everyones hearts giggle.

Fast forward a few years: A toothless grin when youre in your 50s or 60s isnt a very pretty picture is it? Ironically a lot of us have the misguided notion that this is inevitable - a part of getting O-L-D. Nothing could be further from the truth! Losing teeth is the result of dental disease, no matter how old you are. Snagglepuss was a clever name for a cartoon character, but its not who you have to be!

Loose teeth can be caused by simple things like not brushing and flossing on a regular basis. This can lead to plaque and tartar build up, the loss of tooth enamel, and consequently the loss of your teeth. Its one of the most preventable diseases we suffer from and you can start your campaign of prevention today.

Total Mouth Care

When you clean your room, you dont just dust one table and leave the other furniture and the floor dirty. You clean your whole room. Likewise dont just brush your teeth. Your whole mouth needs care.

Scrape your tongue, floss and brush your teeth; and while youre at it, gently brush your gums as well. It stimulates blood circulation, as well as removing germs at the base of the teeth. And choose your toothpastes and rinses carefully. Look for natural botanical rather than chemical-laden toxic products.

And while youre at it, dont just clean your mouth. Clean up your act food-wise too. How? By eliminating sugary and super-acidic foods from your daily fare. And if youre a daylong nosher, consider converting your meal plan into actual meals. In other words, eat several meals per day instead of one long one all day. Itll transform the flora in your mouth and help to reduce the production of plaque and tartar.

Heres another idea you might try: while youre making those family holiday or summer travel plans, be sure to include at least one trip to your dentist each year. Plan it during lulls in your frantic schedule - when youre off and have plenty of time.

If your teeth are in good condition and at no risk of tooth decay, once a year should be fine; it might just save that gorgeous smile of yours. But if youre dealing with cavities or any chronic dental disease, you should consider going as often as once a quarter. Yes, its a big investment of your time and money, but if you do what the dentist and your dental hygienist tell you, it wont just save your smile, it might just save your life!

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