Bad Breath Causes And What To Do About It

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Written By Abigail Wise / Reviewed By Ray Spotts
Are you constantly embarrassed to talk to people because you have bad breath? Have you tried everything to get rid of your bad breath, but it just doesn’t seem to go away? This is a struggle that many people deal with, so it is nothing to be embarrassed about. However, it could be a sign that something is not right about your total hygiene, though this is not always the cause.

To help you identify and get rid of your bad breath, we have compiled a list of all of the potential causes as well as ways to remedy it.

Causes Of Bad Breath

There are many different causes of bad breath. Below are some of the most common causes that you may be experiencing:

  • Insufficient Oral Health

The most common cause of bad breath is bad oral hygiene. If you do not properly clean your mouth or thoroughly floss, bits of food and junk can get caught in your teeth and result in bad breath.

  • Sugar-Filled Diet

If you have a diet that is full of sugar, this can have adverse effects on your breath. This can also cause what is known as halitosis because it can add to the existing bacteria in your mouth. While the sugar may taste good to begin with, it will quickly turn foul in your mouth. 

  • Smoking

Smoking or any other use of tobacco products can lead to bad oral health. Apart from your breath smelling like a cigarette, you can also cause permanent damage to your teeth and gums.

  • Issues With Digestion

While digestion and your oral health seem like separate issues, poor digestion or constipation can actually lead to nasty breath due to the reflux that is occurring in your stomach.

One of the primary jobs of saliva is removing the nasty particles from your moth to make sure that it is clean and clear. Without saliva, however there is nothing to clear out your mouth, so your breath can become quite unpleasant as a result.

  • Various Medications

Unfortunately, a lot of prescription medications that are commonly given to patients can have bad breath as a side effect. This is either due to them making your mouth dry, making it easier for bacteria to grow, and more.

Remedies For Bad Breath

If you realize that you struggle with bad breath, below are some of the top things that you can do to ensure that your breath stays pleasant throughout the day:

  • Use mouth wash
  • Check for dental disease
  • Brush your teeth after eating
  • Floss thoroughly
  • Brush your tongue
  • Go to the dentist regularly
  • Stay on a healthy diet
  • Get a new toothbrush

Overall, if you struggle with bad breath and are embarrassed about it, there are things that you can do to treat it. There is no need to struggle with trying to disguise your breath. Do something about it so that you can socialize with confidence every day. 

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Abigail Wise is an aspiring teacher, writer, and editor. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in English Education with an emphasis in Creative Writing as well as working towards her teaching credential. She hopes to receive her Masters of Arts in English as well as go on to be a full-time teacher, writer, and editor.

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