Antibiotics For Tooth Infections

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Written By Kassandra Foreman / Reviewed By Ray Spotts

A tooth infection can be a very painful experience and can spread to other areas of the mouth as well as into the body. For these reasons it is important to see a dentist for any and all instances of infection within the mouth.

Even when proper oral hygiene is followed there is always the possibility of a tooth becoming infected. This is most common in a broken tooth, when an injury has occurred to the mouth, or even around previous dental work.

An infection is likely to present itself with swelling and pain, sensitivity to hot and cold drinks or foods, and even a fever. The swelling can spread to the cheek, and pain may be felt in a large area surrounding the tooth depending on the severity of the infection. If these symptoms appear then your teeth should be checked by a dentist as soon as possible.

Alternative Treatments for tooth infections

Some infections are solved with an antibiotic while others will require additional or alternative treatments. A tooth that is badly infected and damaged my need removal. This can be performed with a root canal to remove the damage that caused the infection and help to prevent further infections from occurring. These are often done in addition to antibiotics.

The dentist will assess the infection and choose the correct antibiotic though it is often a penicillin-based antibiotic. An antibiotic is chosen based upon the type of infection or the bacteria causing the specific infection. When choosing the correct antibiotic the source and type of the infection will be considered, as well as any allergies or sensitivities and possible interactions with other medications.

 It is important to follow all instructions included with the antibiotic to clear the infection completely and prevent recurrence. When used incorrectly a tolerance can be build up and the infection may become resistant, requiring stronger antibiotics if it’s not properly cleared.

All medications may have side-effects and antibiotics are no different. It is important to learn the possible side-effects for these medications and report back to the dentist if they are extreme or if any allergic reaction occurs.

While waiting for the antibiotics to fight the infection there are some ways to help rid the tooth of infection at home, and to manage the pain and swelling that accompany it. A dentist will provide guidance on care at home, and this often includes rinsing the mouth and area with warm salt water, an over-the-counter pain killer to ease the pain, and gently brushing the area.

A tooth infection can be a very painful experience, and can spread to the rest of the body, including the head and neck, so needs to be addressed quickly. While there are some ways to help address the pain and spread of infection at home they most often require antibiotics, and at times a root canal or even tooth removal depending on the cause and damage to the infected tooth.

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