5 Health Conditions That Can Cause Cavities

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Written By Sofia Bradshaw / Reviewed By Ray Spotts

Cavities are among the most common yet most untreated oral health concerns. According to the, cavities occur in over 57 percent of those aged 12 to 19. Among adults, about 90 percent or one in four adults have at least one cavity. If left unattended, cavities can become painful and create potential openings for dangerous infection and germs.

While most people associate the formation of cavities with poor dental hygiene, they can be caused by diseases, too. Thus, in some cases, having a cavity may be a sign that there is something else amiss. Though everyone’s dental health is unique to their lifestyle and health, here are some health conditions which generally cause cavities:

1. Acid Reflux

Acid reflux, also called heartburn, is described as an uncomfortable burning sensation caused by stomach acids. Often associated with eating too quickly or too much, acid reflux can happen intermittently and frequently.

If you’re experiencing the latter, you may find that you’re beginning to experience cavities or dental erosion. This is because over time the stomach acids significantly wear down tooth enamel. This protective layer is what prevents cavities, sensitivities, and discoloration. In some people, persistent acid reflux can even cause teeth to decay faster.

2. Rheumatoid Arthritis

Although the connection between your joints and your teeth may not be obvious, their well-being is tied together. As explained by Medline, because rheumatoid arthritis chronically inflames the joints, it becomes very difficult to complete many tasks. This includes brushing your teeth or flossing, which are critical to cavity prevention.

Since some people with rheumatoid arthritis also suffer from stiffness in their jaw, this makes it even harder to keep up with dental hygiene. Interestingly, researchers have found that germs responsible for swollen gums may also trigger rheumatoid arthritis.

3. Lupus

As an autoimmune disease, lupus makes it easier for germs to penetrate the body. With lupus, this means that those diagnosed with this are more likely to have gum disease, cavities, and chronic ulcers and lesions.

Since lupus also affects the saliva glands, cavities can occur as the tooth enamel erodes away. Because lupus is notoriously hard to diagnose, cavities associated with this disease are often incorrectly attributed to something else.

4. Diabetes

Diabetes is one of the most common chronic health conditions globally. A report from the WHO even reveals that diabetes incidents have risen by 314 million cases worldwide. Because diabetes makes one prone to infections, it is also considered a viable cause for other conditions including heart disease, kidney failure, and cavities.

Specifically, diabetes is said to cause lesions and thrush because of higher sugar levels in saliva. As mentioned earlier, these can encourage germs to multiply drastically. Eventually, this can cause the tooth to erode painfully.

5. Anemia

Those diagnosed with anemia experience a lack of iron in the body. For your teeth, this means that they are more likely to become weak and prone to germ penetration.

As such, those with iron deficiency anemia have been reported to have abnormally pale mouth tissue, inflamed tongues, and gum disease. Because anemia also makes it harder for the body to distribute nutrients, your teeth may not be receiving the vitamins and minerals they need to prevent cavities like calcium.

Should you find that you have cavities, though, don’t immediately assume you have a disease. Instead, try upgrading your dental hygiene first. Some healthy practices that Harry Lloyd discussed here before include lowering your sugary intake, frequently visiting your dentist, and regular brushing, flossing and rinsing with mouthwash.

With this, you can seriously reduce your chances of cavities getting bigger or developing at all. Should your cavities be a regular issue, though, it doesn’t hurt to get professional help. With expert guidance, you can nip those cavities - and any potential health condition - as early as possible.

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Sofia Bradshaw has been professionally writing for different publications for over 15 years. While she writes for a wide range of lifestyle topics, sustainability and holistic health are two subjects she's passionate about. In her spare time, Sofia likes to pursue DIY home projects with her family.

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