The Unknown Benefits Of Dill Oil

Most of us have heard of or regularly use the herb dill. It provides a distinct and interesting flavor that gives certain dishes a fresh kick. Dill actually has certain attributes and properties that make it a great aid in many different health situations. Luckily, dill oil does exist and can be easily used to obtain these benefits. Dill oil is extracted directly from the leaves and seeds of the dill plant. An incredibly multi-faceted oil, dill essential oil can do a number of things that many people are unaware of. Read this list to learn exactly how dill oil works.


A natural inflammation aid, this oil is great for those who deal with allergies and suffer through the beginning of many seasons because of it. If you are the type of person that experiences oral inflammation in the mouth or throat, this oil is a great oil to use. It helps to open up airways, clear out any mucus that may be building in the chest and throat, as well as promote an increased respiratory system response. Try the steam inhalation root for this affliction. Putting a few drops into a steaming bathe, or even using a humidifier during the night, will help you breathe easier and clear up your allergies.

Muscle Relaxant

For those who deal with constant muscle pain and struggle with the ability to relax and release tension, this is a great oil to use on specific problem areas. If you are an athlete that deals with painful spasms, this is definitely a way to curb the issue. Try putting a bit of dill weed into a gentler carrier oil like coconut oil. Massage the oil mix into the painful area and wait about 20 minutes. The oil mixture will penetrate the skin and provide natural relief.


Dill is naturally a disinfectant as it protects things from getting spoiled by infections brought on by microbes. For this reason, it's a great oil to use on the skin to help ward off any type of infections and to promote accelerated healing. It has been studied and there are findings that suggest dill oil can be used to ward of harmful yeasts and candida albicans that have a tendency to grow on the skin and internally in the body.


There is a quality within dill oil that can help those who deal with insomnia and the inability to fall asleep. Dill oil promotes drowsiness and can be used to help those who have sleep issues. It allows the body to slow down and fully rest. Sometimes the hyperactivity that is present in the mind makes it difficult for individuals to get any real amount of sleep. Yet sleep is vital to a person's ability to properly function and complete necessary tasks. Putting a few drops of dill oil into a diffuser with lavender oil can help to promote a restfulness that is sometimes hard to reach. This allows anxiety to dissipate and deep sleep to be reached.

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