The Benefits Of Clove Oil For Gums

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Clove oil is a strong essential oil that can be used for a number of purposes. What some do not realize is that it can be a very helpful mouth and dental aid when used in a specific fashion. There are many health benefits that are attributed to eugenol, which is a component found in the oil.

This compound is both an anti-inflammatory and antiseptic that can be a great benefit for the treatment of gums. Whether you are dealing with an impacted tooth, built up tarter or inflamed gums, clove oil may be just what your oral health regimen needs to get your mouth in tip top shape.

Dental Pain

No one likes to go to the dentist. Even the calmest, least excitable person doesn't enjoy sitting in the dentists chair. Whether you are getting a standard cleaning or some other procedure done, visiting the dentist can often leave you with pain or irritation that you didn't walk into your appointment with. A couple of drops of clove oil will provide a numbing sensation to your gums that will help alleviate the pain that you feel. Always dilute the clove oil because it's a very strong, concentrated oil that can be a bit overpowering if it is used straight.

Sore Gums

Sometimes you can brush too hard or you are a bit too rough with your gums while flossing. This can lead to gums that hurt or ache and it can make talking, eating or simply existing downright uncomfortable. In the event you need to treat any type of soreness in your gums, you can use clove oil to effectively numb the gums while also ensuring that they are properly cleaned and treated.

Mouth Ulcers

These painful wounds can sometimes be incredibly random and painful. Whether you have a history of dealing with mouth sores or you only experience them every once in a while, they can be incredibly difficult to deal with. Just a few drops of the oil will help with the swelling and the uncomfortable feeling that often goes along with the mouth ulcers. Not only will the inflammation be treated but the pain and soreness will also be dealt with as well.

Bad Breath

There are not many things as off putting as bad breath. When you are talking to someone and their breath is every single thing but fresh, it's an uncomfortable situation. Some of us are very self conscious of our breath and how it smells to others. Instead of constantly worrying about your breath, use clove oil to ensure that your breath is as fresh as the oil itself. You can rub a couple of drops on your gums or try oil pulling with a couple of drops in coconut oil, and use the mixture as a mouth wash. Not only will the oil help to kill all the harmful bacteria in the mouth that leads to bad breath, but it will also leave remnants of both the taste and smell of clove which is highly refreshing and pleasant.

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