How Zero Calorie Sweeteners Can Make You Fat

Market Pantry Zero-Calorie Sweetener boxCutting calories is one of the most common ways we strive to lose weight. It stands to reason that consuming fewer calories is a healthy path for many diets, but some of the products that help to lower calorie count can be more damaging than you might realize, leading to a higher weight gain. Those sweeteners that boast to contain absolutely no calories are doing more to pack on your pounds than you may realize. Be aware of how this is happening. You may find youre better off to consume a few more calories to sweeten your food to avoid the damaging effects of these no-calorie products.

What Are They?

There are many different types of artificial no-calorie or low-calorie sweeteners on the market today. These are present in a number of different foods, some of which we come in contact with on a daily basis. Those foods such as diet soda, fat-free yogurt all use this harmful chemical. It is estimated that an average adult in America will consume about 24 pounds of artificial sweeteners every year. This is a startling amount, especially for those who may not be aware of just how much of this compound they are consuming in their everyday foods.

Even though artificial sweeteners are taken from natural substances, they are then synthetically produced. This causes them in many cases to be sweeter than regular sugar, but far more damaging to your body and healthy lifestyle.

The Truth

There have been many studies conducted on the harmful effects of zero-calorie sweeteners, and what they specifically do for weight gain. The worst of these comes from the way the body becomes confused when consuming. These artificial sweeteners have a direct impact on the part of the body that regulates hunger.

Every time you eat, your body is prepared to take on the calories, using them to further the functions necessary for life. When consuming those products that contain no-calorie sweeteners, it throws off the expectations of your body, causing extreme problems. The body knows that it isnt receiving the desired amount of calories, causing it to crave even more. Your hunger will skyrocket while regularly consuming these products. For most, it will be all too easy giving into the hunger cravings.

Over the past century our foods have been intensified in terms of taste. This has caused the need for foods to become sweeter, saltier, and spicier to meet our demands. Through this process, our taste buds become desensitized to the foods we are currently eating. It is inevitable through these eating habits that more sweetener and salt will be added to foods, just to taste the same. The alarming fact with artificial sweeteners is that they are much sweeter than normal natural sweeteners. This will cause a tolerance to be built up sooner than ever.

Zero-calorie sweeteners may look good on paper, but their potential damage could be long lasting. Dont allow this potentially harmful substance to become part of your diet. Cut out the foods that use these, especially diet soda. By doing this, you will be better able to lose or maintain your weight in a way that would have been otherwise impossible.

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