Your Makeup Could Be Full Of Bacteria

Men and women alike have those certain items that we just never want to get rid of. For some, it may be that comfortable pair of old gym shoes that just feel like home. For a lot of women it can be makeup and beauty products. Maybe its an expensive moisturizer that you use sparingly to make it last, or perhaps its a mascara that you just pull out for girls night. Whatever it may be, you should know when to let it go. If not, you could actually do more harm to yourself than good.


Most women dont know the actual shelf lives of cosmetics. Sure, you wouldnt apply something that looked dried out or discolored, but you should know that they could become dangerous far before they look it. Makeup can easily become bacteria feeding and breeding grounds, and unfortunately its worse with the more natural types. The sad side of getting rid of chemical preservatives is that the products can spoil much quicker, and you could subject yourself to skin damage or infection if used at this point.


The best bet for preventing this is to store these types of products in cool, dark places, (definitely not in your bathroom youve seen the inside of your shower right? That stuff can grow anywhere) and be sure theyre sealed properly. Over exposure to oxygen can cause damage over time. Its best to apply any makeup with a tool of some sort, whether its a brush or sponge. Using your hands is a sure fire way to spread bacteria. Sharing cosmetics can be dangerous as well, as there have been many cases of lip products spreading the herpes virus, and mascara wands sharing pink eye.


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