The Health Benefits Of Cleaning Your Ducts

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Written By Cassie Costner / Reviewed By Ray Spotts

Cleaning the ducts in your home is crucial, not only for the efficiency of your furnace and air conditioner, but there are health benefits of cleaning your ducts as well. Over time, the ducts throughout your house accumulate dust and other hazards to your health. 

Whether you are using your air or your heating system, it is important to have clean ducts. Make sure you clean them out on a regular basis to keep the efficiency of your unit, and make it easier to live in your own home.

How Often To Clean The Ducts

Although it is possible to clean the ducts yourself, a professional will get the job done much better. Make sure to hire an honest repairman to complete the task without taking any shortcuts. If you want to do it on your own, either between professional cleanings or to save some extra cash, you will need:


A vacuum

A brush for cleaning

A screwdriver

Make sure the area where you will be cleaning the ducts is clean to prevent unwanted things from falling inside your vents. Remove the covers to the air ducts and look around the opening of the walls. The furnace filter, if changed and installed properly, should be preventing the majority of problems, but it is still possible that this needs to be cleaned. Use the rag and the brush together to wipe all around the entrance.

After you have taken care of the entrance of the duct, use the vacuum to get down deeper, sucking up the dust that has accumulated farther down. You will be better off doing this simple cleaning than doing nothing at all. 

The Benefits

The biggest benefits will be seen for those with allergies. At least a couple times a day, the air is recirculated through your home by the ducts. If the dust and other elements that cause allergies are removed, it will be easier to breath, and your symptoms such as a cough, runny nose, and others will dissipate.

There are a few signs to look for to indicate a particularly dirty duct. If you have noticed cobwebs, visible mold on the ducts, or dead insects inside the ducts, these could be causing you more health problems than you realize.

Mold thrives in cold, damp conditions. A dirty duct is just the place for mold to flourish. Rather than dealing with the problem, be sure to stop mold before it has a chance to grow. Depending on the type you have, this could be detrimental to your health. Stop mold spores before they have a chance to grow past a manageable stage. Clean your ducts to stop them from ever starting.

It is important to keep your ducts clean for your health, and the efficiency of your home. Clean them yourself every once in a while to ensure they wont build up. If possible, get a professional out to do the job every three to five years. This will keep the air in your home fresh, and your allergies at bay.

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Cassie Costner writes on the best Utah furnace repair companies, and how often the ducts should be clean. She also writes on mold prevention, taking care of an insect infestation, and the health benefits of switching to soft water.

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