Orthodontics: They're Not Just About The Beauty

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Written By Connor Adkins / Reviewed By Ray Spotts

Who doesn't want a beautiful smile? Your smile is one of the first things that people notice about you, and it can make or break a first impression. A genuine smile lights up the eyes, makes anyone seem more approachable, and makes every face more attractive.

It is important, therefore, to make sure that your smile is as attractive as you can possibly make it, right? People are turning to orthodontists across the world to improve their smile simply for aesthetics sake, but there might be more at stake.

Braces are the bane of many a child's - and adults - existence. They're painful, awkward, ugly, and make eating certain foods difficult. But believe it or not, they're worth it in the end! Transforming a set of crooked teeth into straight, even lines will make all the difference in a persons confidence. But there are benefits other than beauty that you may have not considered.

Jaw Problems

Medically speaking, orthodontics is definitely not just about cosmetics. Straight teeth bite and chew much more effectively than uneven ones do. Biting or chewing with crooked teeth can strain the muscles and joints in your jaw, which leads to jaw pain and other problems.

Braces don't just fix teeth - they correct overbites and underbites as well. The Latin term for these conditions is malocclusion, which means bad bite. Overbites result from the lower jaw being smaller than the upper jaw, and underbites are when the opposite happens and the upper jaw is smaller than the lower. Braces ease the two back in line with each other.


Even speech can be affected by uneven teeth. Misaligned teeth can cause lisps, whistling, and make pronouncing certain words troublesome. The inability to pronounce words correctly or feeling self-conscious about a lisp can lead to stuttering, which can cause discomfort and embarrassment in social situations. Sometimes speech impediments are caused by unavoidable medical or injury-related situations; speech therapists can help in many cases. When crooked teeth are at the root of the problem, however, braces can bring relief.


Having crooked teeth can lead to bruxism, which is excessive teeth grinding or clenching of the jaw. Bruxism wears down teeth, allowing them to fracture and chip more easily. It can also lead to headaches, jaw soreness, and loose teeth. People with straight teeth are much less likely to develop bruxism since grinding at teeth sticking out at abnormal angles is no longer a temptation.


Straight, even teeth are much easier to keep clean. They collect less plaque - the film composed of bacteria, food particles, and your own saliva that coats your teeth after you haven't brushed for a while - than uneven teeth. Crooked teeth will collect plaque in the places that are hard to reach with a toothbrush or floss, and they will therefore be more prone to cavities, disease, and decay than straight teeth.

Your gums will also have a better chance of staying healthy if your teeth are healthy. Clean teeth reduce the possibility of gum diseases such as gingivitis or periodontitis significantly, both of which are nasty diseases that cause tenderness, swelling, and bleeding in the gums. Periodontitis can even lead to the loosening and eventual loss of teeth, all of which can be prevented to some extent - by taking care of your teeth.

Broken Teeth

Protruding teeth are more likely to be accidentally broken or chipped than straight teeth. And even if you don't have any accidents that damage your teeth, a misaligned bite can also cause chipping or fracturing through everyday wear and tear. Teeth that stick out are also more likely to come loose and fall out prematurely.


This has already been mentioned, but its important enough that it deserves to be mentioned again! Giving a self-conscious person a new smile will increase their self-confidence dramatically, which will, in turn, transfer to their work life, social success, and overall positive feelings towards life.

No one likes to be embarrassed by their smile, but you should never hide it regardless of how crooked it might be. That is, unfortunately, easier said than done, and getting braces can make all the difference in a healthy, confident smile. Braces not only improve physical beauty and prevent medical problems - they give people the gift of feeling better about themselves. And that alone makes them worth it.

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