Happy Healthy Holiday Resolutions And Solutions

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Tis the day after the Christmas, 

And all through your head

Are things you wish yesterday you'd done or said.

Like, No! to more eggnog, and Yes! to more salad.

Or running from bad carbs that tempted your palate.

The holidays will soon be wrapping up. Instead of wringing your hands with guilt, here are some things you can do now so that you can ring in the New Year with a clear conscious.

An App For Your Appetite

Use that smartphone of yours to outsmart the temptation to let yourself go until after January 1. There's a cornucopia of apps and techno-gadgetry to remind you to take the stairs instead of the elevator, drink more water, drink less alcohol, and monitor your food overall intake. Why wait until January to crash into the New Year with a lot of guilt-driven resolutions? There's an app for that right now, so use it!

Defensive Partying

Planning a party for New Years at church, school, or the office? This time around, let your food donation match your pre-New Years resolution. Don't bring what you've resolved not to eat. For example, don't offer to bring a big batch of calorie-laden dessert treats you know you shouldn't nosh.

And likewise, don't offer to bring a veggie platter if you know you don't want to eat veggies yourself - the guilt will eat away at you and may even drive you to eat something you'll really hate yourself for later. Even if all you bring are paper products, at least you'll have made a contribution. Set yourself up to avoid a guilt trip and enjoy the party.

Shop For Success

You've spent a small fortune on Christmas gifts for other people, now its your turn. Practice loving yourself enough to only buy the very best for yourself. Make a long love list of foods that are healthy for you and start incorporating them into your diet. You've read about the benefits of honey, kale, cayenne, lemons, and other organic foods on our blog. Use these informative articles to jumpstart your new food plan.

Select 5 of your favorite colors and buy foods accordingly: red bell peppers; blueberries; leafy greens; yellow squash. Fill your fridge with a rainbow of healthy foods and watch your energy soar, your skin glow, and the pounds melt away.

Don't delay. Start today, but go easy on yourself. One by one, a little at a time, give some of these wonderful foods a try. Resolve to be kinder and more loving to yourself. Set yourself up for a victorious New Year and declare 2015 a guilt-free, healthy-food zone. 

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