Can You Guess What Flavors Will Trend In 2015?

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These days consumers have more varieties of flavors to choose from and the choices continue to expand. New food producers continue to permeate the market and consumers are also ready to experiment and try new things. 

The November issue of Food Technology magazine has published its top five flavor trends for 2015. These are based on predictions from chefs, flavorists and trend spotters that predict what consumers will seek out in the coming year.

North African and Middle Eastern foods are increasingly becoming menu items and many of the traditional spices such as sumac, zaatar, coriander and cardamom are gaining popularity with chefs.

Speaking of spices, interest in the bold flavors of spicy food and snacks is also growing with Milennials. One of the new trends is a Taiwanese hot sauce made from chili peppers called sriracha. Drinks such as jalapeno margaritas and Mexican hot chocolate are also gaining in popularity.

From soda to spirits and craft beer, smoke is also used for adding depth to flavor. Predictors say that oak and other woods will also be used more in combination with sorrel, honey and cranberry in nonalcoholic beverages.

Bold, tangy and bitter flavors are also on the rise. One common ethnic dish from Korea Kimchi is also contributing to the popularity of sour and fermented flavors. Pickling because it is sour and tangy - is also increasing in popularity.

And do you know what is considered the fifth basic taste? It is umami. Discovered by a Japanese chemist over a century ago, umami is induced by glutamic acid which is found in authentic ramen noodles and new seaweed snack foods. One of its health benefits is that it enables manufacturers to add flavor but use less sodium.

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