The Importance Of Routine Foot Care For The Health Of Your Feet

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Written By Jennifer Trent / Reviewed By Ray Spotts
The average person will have walked the equivalent of walking around the globe four times by the age of 70. Given the lifetime wear and tear on the feet, it is vital that you take good care of them. Neglecting your feet can have serious consequences on your overall health as well as that of your feet. Without the proper care, your feet will get corns, calluses, and other conditions that prevent you from walking properly. People with medical problems are also likely to suffer from the severe after-effects of poor foot health. At worst, amputation may result that will affect mobility.

Proper Footwear Maintains And Improves Foot Health

One of the most important things to do in foot health management is to get the right type of shoes. Since the average American walks 5,000 to 7,000 steps a day, it is vital that proper footwear is worn. Studies show that badly designed shoes or wearing ill-fitting footwear can have serious effects on your feet in the short or long term. For example, high loads on your joints during walking are connected to the severity and progression of osteoarthritis, according to Najia Shakoor in a study The Effects Of Common Footwear On Joint Loading In Osteoarthritis Of The KneePutting on the right type of footwear can lessen the negative impact of the knee osteoarthritis disease with flat, flexible footwear reducing loads on the knee. Tight shoes are likely to cause foot pain, hammer toes, ingrown nails, and corns. Meanwhile, shoes that are too big are also problematic as they are sources of blisters, sore heels, and calluses. Thus, flat soled shoes are preferred and high heels must only be worn occasionally.

Regular Foot Care Improves Functioning

In addition to wearing the proper foot gear, it is critical that you adopt a regular cleaning routine for your feet. Wash them with soap and water and pat dry with the use of an absorbent cloth to prevent them from stinking. 

Pamper feet with botanical oils and massage your feet regularly with apricot oil or evening primrose oil. If you have dry feet, soak them in warm water, pat dry, and apply a moisturizer. Equally important to regular foot care is to put on the right socks. They provide cushioning to the feet and help you avoid wear and tear. Opt for natural fabrics and breathable socks.

Caring For Your Foot When You Have A Chronic Condition

Managing chronic conditions such as diabetes is essential to prevent complications. High blood sugar levels can cause nerve damage and poor circulation. These, in turn, will contribute to other foot problems such as sores, ingrown nails, and other issues that cause infections. If you have diabetic feet, it is imperative that you focus on foot care management which involves daily washing of feet, thorough drying, and regular inspections for sores, blisters, and cuts. See a podiatrist at least one or two times a year. They will not only detect foot problems early, but also prevent others from arising. Research shows that podiatry and foot health management are effective in monitoring and preventing serious complications due to chronic conditions.

Foot care is an important activity to attain good foot health. It promotes healthy feet that improve foot functioning and reduces complications from developing for people with chronic conditions.

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