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Since the beginning of sleep studies, the most accurate readings that could be gathered were typically under the express supervision of a doctor. Many options that are currently available don't give the levels of accuracy that are often sought in such situations. There is a larger, ongoing human sleep project that is still trying to determine very integral things about sleep that so many are curious about. Why is it so vital to our everyday functions? What happens if we don't get enough of it? Are sleep quality and quantity interchangeable?

Sleep cycles are a very interesting and fickle thing. Things like stress levels, body temperature, and room temperature play a huge role in this process.

Researchers from Germany have asserted that new technology present in a piece of wrist wear could potentially record real-life sleep habits and patterns that could impart necessary knowledge that would be able to improve the resting hours of many individuals.

Objective Actimeter Tracking

A very small, wrist-worn gadget can be purchased for as little as $150 that can accurately track how deep you're sleeping, your breath patterns and many other discernible factors that accurately imply how effective the sleep you're getting is. The gadgets - called actimeters - can also track important things about your body, vitals and health throughout your day, and not just when you are asleep.

There has been practically no possibility of getting detailed sleep structures in a normal life setting over a long period of time, says Till Roenneberg of LMU Munich. You can't easily give somebody an EEG to take home and put next to the bed. You can't do this over six weeks or six months. We are going to see things nobody has seen before. Right now, we're not able to judge the outcome of interventions. If, for example, we change school times, is sleep quality changed? What about shift work times or indoor lighting? All interventions necessary to improve sleep today are only judged by sleep duration and by asking people how they feel and if they have slept. There's no objective way to measure sleep quality, and we need this desperately.

Importance Of Sleep

The deepest sleep that one can experience is called REM sleep - rapid eye movement. During this type of sleep, your body's extremities will often naturally twitch, and this can be picked up and tracked by the actimeters. There is even a keen interest in tracking and measuring the difference of sleep patterns and what they could potentially mean for individuals in different climates, cultures, latitudes and lifestyles.

It's a real interesting paradigm to be in because sleep is such an imperative part of our everyday life. Sleep is tied to so many things that people often don't even think of. It's tied to our ability to concentrate. It's tied to our mood. It's tied to our ability to lose weight. It deeply affects the nervous system and a whole host of other things.

Having more complete insight into sleep will do an entire heaping bit of good for our rest framework and really drive the point home that sleep is essential, and that doing what you can to have better quality sleep will only positively improve your life.

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