Unexpected Benefits Of Galbanum

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The traditional name of the plant that yields this oil is ferula galbanifua and it is native to Iran. It is now grown in various places throughout the world, namely Afghanistan and Northern India. Like most of the oils that we introduce to you on a consistent basis, this one is also derived by steam distillation.

The oil has a very floral fragrance which lends to it being used in many different perfumes and soaps historically. There are several ways that this specific oil can be used. Some may shock you if you're not familiar with the oil.

Scar Reduction

There's no way to prevent scars from forming in the first place, at least not completely. But this oil is great for the fading of already established, formed scars. Galbanum is a natural cicatrisant, which means that it helps to quicken tissue development and allows new cells to regenerate at a faster rate.

This will cause your scars to fade and even vanish completely much faster. This oil is excellent for acne scars that are often a result of breakouts. Use it as a spot treatment for a more concentrated effect.

Reduces Spasms

If you are an athlete or you are very active and exercise regularly, you may find that sometimes your muscles constrict and spasm when they are overworked or incredibly tired. This can be very painful and can also come on very suddenly. Galbanum naturally relaxes the nerves in your muscles which can provide you with fast relief of the spasms.

If you have pulled a muscle or are experiencing a muscle cramp, try mixing a bit of galbanum essential oil with some coconut oil and rub it directly into the problem area. You'll start to feel a difference very quickly.


Whether you are a sufferer of seasonal allergies or just come down with a bad cold every year, being congested can be one of the worst things to experience. Namely because of the level of discomfort that's often associated with it. Galbanum has the ability to clear congestion that is present in the nasal passages, lungs, and larynx.

Using a bit of the oil in a diffuser or humidifier will help break up the congestion and allow you to breathe more easily. It can also be used for coughs, colds or even something as serious as bronchitis.


Because the oil is a natural emollient, it can be incorporated into daily skincare routines in order to prevent the signs of aging. If you are noticing that your skin is starting to look drab, old or lifeless, you need to take a look at the skin products you are using. It's likely time to incorporate something different.

Specific essential oils are the perfect skin anecdote. Galbanum can be added to your standard face cleaner or you can add it to your toner. It will help to tighten and fortify your skin. Also, if you are suffering from stretch marks or dry skin, this type of oil is perfect for those issues.

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