Should You Use LED Light Therapy To Treat Your Skin?

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Written By Jennifer Raskin / Reviewed By Ray Spotts

These days, there’s no shortage of skin treatments to improve our looks. That’s a good thing since just a couple decades ago, the only real options were invasive surgeries. But now we’ve been graced with another technological wonder – LED therapy!

Also known as light emitting diode therapy, LED is a skincare treatment that makes use of different wavelengths of light, usually red and blue. It was created by NASA to foster plant growth in space though they found it could help with wound treatment.

Fast forward to today and med spas everywhere offer this non-invasive regeneration treatment to fight aging and clear up acne. You can also find LED devices for home use but they aren’t as effective as the medical-grade versions.

Types Of LED Therapy

In general, red, which is also known as infrared light, is ideal to treat the outer layer of your skin. It’s absorbed and then collagen production is stimulated.

The idea is that with these procedures, your skin will heal itself and start looking smoother, plumper, and more youthful. Additionally, it can boost circulation while reducing inflammation for an overall healthier appearance.

Blue light is best for skin problems like acne. It takes aim at your sebaceous glands which can become overactive when you have frequent breakouts.

The light is said to make them less active, taming them in a way while also killing off the bacteria that causes acne so skin will look clearer and smoother.

What You Need To Know About LED Therapy

If the thought of exposing yourself to red or blue lights sounds worrisome, you should know that both red and blue LED therapy are free of UV rays so they are quite safe for your skin. There’s no burning or other painful effects either, however, if you’re taking Accutane for acne or have frequent rashes, you aren’t a good candidate for this type of treatment.

LED Therapy Side Effects

Side effects are incredibly rare too. The few people that have experienced them have had more redness, inflammation, and rashes. Unless you have a severe skin condition, you should have no trouble at all with these procedures.

They take only 20 minutes each session too. While you’ll have to go weekly for as much as 10 weeks, after that, you will only need to follow up at home.

As you may have already guessed, that does get expensive, which is why many people choose to buy an at-home LED device. That option will save you money, but you won’t get the most dramatic results because they use lower frequencies than the one your local aesthetician will have in-office.

LED therapy is a great option, though the upkeep is important. Your results won’t last and you’ll have to keep doing it to maintain your new youthful look. But the results are certainly worth the cost!

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Jennifer Raskin is a freelance writer, wife and mom that loves cold weather despite her location in Florida, cooking, reading, watching ‘80s movies, weight-lifting, and wine tasting.

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