How Do Hormones Affect Skin?

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Written By Kassandra Foreman / Reviewed By Ray Spotts

Many of the functions of the body are controlled by the hormones that are created by the glands to send the messages to the cells. This includes hunger, energy, metabolism, and the reproductive system. The cells carry these messages and tell the body what to do and when, and they affect all areas of the body including the skin.

Metabolism and skin effects

As hormones change over a lifespan they can cause many changes within the body and are connected to weight, aging, and skin concerns. A metabolism that is working too hard can cause weight loss and one that is not working hard enough can cause weight gain, while inflammation reactions throughout the body are affected by stress and controlled by hormones.

Inflammation and skin effects

Inflammation is a protective response from the body to protect itself from the damage caused by illness and injury, but it can also cause many side effects. When inflammation is increased the body responds in many ways including increased acne and weight gain.  

As inflammation occurs in the skin cells on the face acne can occur through the build-up of increased oil produced by those skin cells. This can cause a range of effects from small to large acne breakouts, and can speed the occurrence of wrinkles and other signs of aging.

Acne and skin effects

Hormones are most likely to affect the skin during changes. As a person ages, the changes from youth to teen, teen to adult, and further into old age, the skin will change based upon the level of hormones released by the body.

For teens the hormone increase is likely to cause acne while during later years it is more likely to result in dry skin and wrinkles. To create a balance to these hormones and counter the effects there are a few options available.

Birth control pill and skin effects

Many women will choose a birth control pill to not only control their reproductive cycles but also to control the acne that can occur during hormone fluctuations. Hormone replacement or other hormone balancing medications are also available to combat the effects of other hormones, such as those created by the thyroid that control weight gain and loss, or to balance the adrenal hormones.

Hormones are the chemical that carry the messages from the glands to the rest of the body. These can vary greatly throughout life and are affected by medication, food choices, and even stress levels.

When hormones become out of balance they can cause the body to produce too much oil for the skin and change the metabolism, among other things. To balance these there are many medications that are targeted for specific hormones and the glands that create them, to bring them back into balance and create a healthy body.

Hormone replacement therapy is popular for many reasons, and in cases of birth control, is often helpful in combating skin concerns such as wrinkles and aging as well as dry skin and acne.

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