6 Types Of Common Facial Plastic Surgery

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Written By Ross Geller / Reviewed By Ray Spotts

Every year, there is a steady increase in cases of plastic surgeries. With the growing popularity, this industry is seeing a massive modification each day. And, it isn't restricted to women only. Men are also contributing to these practices in large numbers.

You would be surprised to find the number of cases of dermal fillers in Cincinnati, OH, and other various facial plastic surgeries available in the market. Here are six of them for your reference:

Liposuction Facial Plastic Surgery

The most common facial plastic surgery popular across the globe has to be liposuction. It is a surgical procedure that sums out the fat from different areas of the patient's body. It is done so to provide a slimmer and shapelier silhouette to the person's body. There are two kinds of liposuction surgeries widely popular in the market.

In the case of tumescent liposuction, the surgeon uses a saline solution, and a drug, to constrict the blood vessels. Following this, a numbing agent is infused into the specific area that requires the treatment.

Once it is done, the liquid and the fat are suctioned out using small hollow metal instruments. These instruments are known as cannulas. In a few cases, this liquid infusion might cause short-term fluid retention, which would diminish over the next few days.

Another form of liposuction involves UAL or ultrasonic-assisted liposuction. Here the cannula releases specific ultrasonic energy to melt the fat and suction it out of the body.

This procedure offers more risks than tumescent liposuction, including external and internal burns and lengthier surgery. On average, the patient can return to work within a few days, solely depending on the areas and type of treatments involved.

Blepharoplasty Facial Plastic Surgery

In many cases, people suffer from vision problems due to the sagging skin of their eyelids. To cure that, people often undergo eyelid reshaping surgery. It is a cosmetic surgery done to improve vision in patients suffering from vision obstruction.

The presence of too much skin can also lead to such appearances along with the lower eyelids with chronic wrinkling or puffiness. Blepharoplasty is an effective way to eliminate sagging skin or wrinkles in the lower eyelids to enhance patients’ vision.

It can also remove the presence of fat pads under your eyes, which provides you the appearance of "bags." In general, the patients can go out in public within 10 to 14 days. The swelling becomes less noticeable after a few weeks or can require a few months.

Rhinoplasty Facial Plastic Surgery

Rhinoplasty is also referred to as the nose job, widely prevalent among patients for reshaping their noses and enhancing their facial features. It is mostly done to balance the nose with other facial aspects. The surgeon might also reduce the nose's size and refine the surrounding areas to provide you a more elegant appearance.

People with a deviated septum can also go for these surgeries to facilitate proper breathing. In such cases, the insurance company pays for the entire surgery. The bruising after the surgery is quite evident on the face, but it tends to wear off after 10 days of operation, once the patients start resuming their work.

Rhytidectomy Facial Plastic Surgery

Another common one that offers a real solution to your wrinkles is a facelift or rhytidectomy. Due to aging, many people suffer from chronic wrinkles or sagging of their facial skin. The facelift gets majorly done to tighten the facial skin to provide a youthful appearance.

It gently pulls the skin together and tighter, which smoothens your deep lines along with minimizing the sagging overall. It is also frequently blended with other procedures known as the forehead lift.

Along with the eyelid shaping or the skin peels, one can effectively get a youthful appearance with these surgeries. In such cases, the sutures are often replaced five to 10 days after the operation, but the recovery can take several weeks.

Forehead Lift Facial Plastic Surgery

Just like the facelift, a forehead lift helps the patient have a youthful appearance. Here the doctor pulls the forehead's skin tightly to get rid of the facial wrinkles and thereby smoothens the creases. It helps correct the drooping eyebrows, forehead furrows, frown lines, and "hooded" eyelids.

Gradually you get the eyebrows slightly elevated for a more alert and youthful appearance. Patients with deep furrows placed between their eyebrows can also benefit from such a forehead lift. Most of the patients can resume regular activity after 10 days of their surgery. Just like other facial plastic surgeries, your recovery would require slightly more extended periods.

Genioplasty Facial Plastic Surgery

The last one on this list of the top common facial plastic surgeries is chin augmentation. It is also a form of cosmetic surgery that involves reshaping or repositioning the chin to improve the patient's overall facial harmony. The oral-maxillofacial surgeons who have a considerable amount of experience treating the face, head, mouth, and jaw can perform such procedures.

Final Words

These are a few common types of facial surgeries that are quite popular worldwide. People also undergo different types of plastic surgeries to achieve their ideal facial and bodily features with time. In any case, it is essential to hire the right professionals for such procedures.

You need to hire a specialist who has years of experience dealing with such issues and can prioritize your health above anything. Make sure that the journey after the surgery must become a healthy one for you and your future.

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