4 Uses For Olive Fruit Oil

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Olive fruit oil, commonly referred to as olive oil, comes from the emollient plant. While most people have heard of it in reference to cooking, its ability and effectiveness as an oil is multi-dimensional. It has properties that are coveted as a topical aid to skin and hair.

Due to its high levels of monounsaturated fat, the oil has been regarded as the go-to cooking oil. Thankfully, it also has amazing properties that allow it to be used in a plethora of other ways. 

For Earaches

Many people aren't aware that olive oil is a natural and safe way to remedy an earache. This is especially true if the earache is a result of excess wax built up in the ear. For those who don't routinely clean their ears, especially for infants and toddlers, the ear can began to build up with wax that causes discomfort. Room temperature olive oil can provide relief from the pain and help to regulate the amount of wax in the ear.

Itchy Throat

Years ago, there were specific remedies that were used pretty regularly for common ailments like the cold or flu. Olive oil can be used in that way for an itchy throat. There are even widespread claims that just a teaspoon of the oil before bed will prevent snoring as it adequately lubricates the throat muscles. Similarly, it can aid a scratchy, irritated throat with the same properties.

Healthy Skin

One of the best oils for the skin, the amounts of vitamin E and A are definitely responsible for those traits. Olive oil is incredibly restorative and renewing. It allows the layers of the skin to be rejuvenated by its ability to penetrate the skin's surface.

Certain harmful pollutants can cause the skin to look drab or old. Olive oil can be used on the skin for many different uses. It prevents the clogging of the pores, it can be used to halt premature aging, treat sunburn and even diaper rash.

Hair Oil

Being an anti fungal and antibacterial, fruit oil by definition helps promote manageable hair and a healthier scalp. Oil treatments for the hair have been around for eons because of their effectiveness. Olive oil is one of the oils suggested for hair to improve its elasticity and halt any unnecessary breakage.

It's also great for managing your hair if you happen to have curly, unruly or frizzy hair. If you are looking for a way to promote the growth of your hair, adding olive oil to your hair car regimen will certainly do just that.

Worried about premature graying? Olive oil has also been known to prevent graying of the hair. Do you suffer from short or sparse eyelashes? Put a little bit of olive oil on your eyelashes before going to bed at night as a natural way to achieve fuller, natural lashes. Olive fruit oil has no shortage of tremendous power and benefits for the hair and body in general.

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