Wisdom Teeth: What To Do If You Have Them

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Written By Kassandra Foreman / Reviewed By Ray Spotts

Most people will find their wisdom teeth erupt through the gums sometimes in their late teen or early twenties. These teeth are the furthest back and can be on both sides, top and bottom. In some cases they will not erupt through the gums on time, but may do so early or not at all.

Dental X-rays for wisdom teeth

If your wisdom teeth have not come through the gums the only way to know they are there is through a dental X-ray. As a dentist generally requests X-rays at regular intervals to monitor the health of the teeth and jaw, they are able to see if the wisdom teeth are there, if they are close to coming through and if there is enough room for them.

Occasionally wisdom teeth will not be in the correct position, or there may not be enough room for them in the mouth. In these cases they can be removed before from within the gums with a day surgery.

The gum will be opened on top of the tooth and the tooth is wiggled until the roots area is no longer attached allowing the tooth to be gently tugged free. This can be repeated for all four wisdom teeth. The gums can be stitched closed to encourage healing, and antibiotics may be provided to avoid infection before the procedure.

Brushing and flossing wisdom teeth

When the wisdom teeth are situated well and are able to grow through the gums into a comfortable position, if nothing is wrong with them, they require only regular dental care. They can be brushed and flossed along with all the other teeth. They are simply the last set to grow and will require no special treatment.

Wisdom teeth are often the hardest to brush because of location but this is easily overcome with a properly-sized toothbrush and regular dental visits and cleanings.

Cavities and wisdom teeth

When a wisdom tooth becomes broken or infected it is generally treated the same as the other teeth. If they are not fully through the gums they will need to be removed or treated in a more invasive way then after they have erupted. Large cavities in a wisdom tooth may require removal. Cavities that have formed before it has grown into place may not be able to be repaired and may result in extraction.

Dental pain from wisdom teeth

In some cases, you may not notice that the wisdom teeth are coming through the gums at all. Wisdom teeth can be painful when they are coming through, but this can be easily managed with over-the-counter medication or cold packs. If they become more painful a dentist should be consulted.

There is no one situation for all wisdom teeth across all patients, and each will have their own experience. If wisdom teeth are present and they are able to fit comfortably in the mouth without shifting or damaging the other teeth they will be allowed to grow through naturally and will be cared for with the rest of the teeth. When there is not enough room or they are already damaged they are most often removed.  

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