What Factors Can Cause TMJ Symptoms?

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Written By Meghan Belnap / Reviewed By Ray Spotts

If you notice that your jaw doesn't open as wide as it used to, or you have considerable pain when opening your jaw, you may have a TMJ disorder. Also known as temporomandibular joint dysfunction, a TMJ disorder can considerably lower your quality of life as you struggle to eat and sleep normally.

Fortunately, by analyzing your lifestyle, you may be able to discover the causes of your TMJ disorder, allowing you to discover treatments that can help you move forward.

Stress can cause TMJ symptoms

Chronic stress can cause a variety of negative health effects. One of the ways that stress affects your body is by causing a condition called bruxism.

This is when you involuntarily grind your teeth while you're sleeping. This and other types of intense pressure on your jaws can cause the joint to malfunction, leading to a TMJ disorder. In many cases, if you're able to lower your stress levels, you will also be able to reduce or eliminate the symptoms of your TMJ disorder.

Misalignment can cause TMJ symptoms

Another possible cause of TMJ issues is the misalignment of your teeth. If your teeth are misaligned due to a past injury or because of genetics, the constant opening and closing at an odd angle can cause your joints to rebel, leading to problems with your jaw.

Depending on the nature of your misalignment, a TMJ dentist may suggest orthodontic treatment, jaw therapy, or alignment surgery.

Bad Posture can cause TMJ symptoms

If you find yourself constantly slouching or leaning to one side, you may be hurting more than your back. Given that your muscles and joints are all connected to each other, poor posture can cause issues with your jaw that will need to be addressed by a professional.

Using a posture-correcting device when standing and finding an ergonomic chair when sitting can help you improve your posture, which will provide you with many benefits beyond reducing your jaw pain.

Arthritis can cause TMJ symptoms

While most people associate arthritis with joints in the knees and elbows, the joints in your jaw can be affected, as well. As your arthritis causes inflammation in your jaw, it could cause a condition of misalignment, which will cause significant pain when you're talking or chewing. Traditional treatments for arthritis may be able to take care of TMJ problems, as well.

Although there is a lot of pain associated with many TMJ conditions, the good news is that there is plenty of support available. Therefore, when you're feeling fear, frustration, or sadness, you can consult with your doctors and with your support network to help you get through. This will make the battle easier to fight so that you can experience more complete healing.

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