Tonsil Stones Progression And Dangers

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Tonsil stones begin as small, softer areas of germ accumulation. Over time they can calcify, while also enlarging in size. Most tonsil stones develop in cracks or crevices on top of, behind or around tonsils. As germs accumulate, the tonsil stone begins to put off a very foul odor.

If the stones become severe enough they may cause pain in the throat, during swallowing, or in the ears. If tonsil stones become severe enough to cause constant discomfort they may require professional removal. Chronic tonsil stones may require a tonsillectomy. 

Dangers And Health Risks

Tonsil stones usually are not serious, but they do often accompany tonsillitis and sore throat symptoms. Severe tonsil stones can cause difficulty swallowing or ear pain. The most significant problems associated with tonsil stones are due to the malodor that they put off, which may inhibit social relationships.

Links To Other Conditions That Correlate

Tonsilloliths are an accumulation of germs and dead skin cells that build up and calcify in the area of the tonsils. They are often linked with:


Poor oral hygiene

Nasal drainage


Sore throat

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