Mouth Ulcers – What Causes Them And What Can You Do

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Written By Abigail Wise / Reviewed By Ray Spotts

Mouth ulcers, otherwise and more commonly known as canker sores, can be a big inconvenience that affects many. On top of being visually unappealing, they can also cause a lot of pain and discomfort for those afflicted - especially when you eat, drink, or even talk.

Canker sores are small lesions that appear on the inside of your mouth or at the lining of your gums. While canker sores are not contagious - as many people often think they are - they are more common in women, children, and those who have canker sores running in their family. The good thing is that they should go away within a couple of weeks, so they don’t last very long. If they do last longer than a few weeks without subsiding, you may want to contact your doctor for medical help.

Causes Of Mouth Ulcers

While there is no definitive cause, there are many contributing factors that can lead to the development of mouth ulcers. Below are some of the most common causes of canker sores:

  • Mouth injury (from dentists, brushing, sports, bite, or more)
  • Excess of Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (found in toothpastes)
  • Sensitivity to foods
  • Missing essential vitamins (B12, zinc, folate, iron)
  • Braces
  • Hormone changes
  • Stress
  • Lack of sleep
  • Bacterial infections

If your mouth ulcers are not caused by any of the aforementioned reasons, you may be suffering from one of the following more serious causes of canker sores:

  • Celiac Disease
  • IFB (Inflammatory Bowel Disease)
  • Bechet’s Disease
  • HIV/AIDs

Treatments For Mouth Ulcers

Since there is no definitive cause of mouth ulcers or canker sores, there is also no definitive treatment. More often than not, these mouth ulcers don’t require treatment, but many people choose to do the following methods to relieve some of the discomfort instead:

  • Saltwater Rinse: Mix warm saltwater with baking soda and swish it around in your mouth.
  • Use Milk of Magnesia: While milk of magnesia is not commonly used for this, many people find comfort when they place it directly on the mouth ulcer.
  • Numb It: With over-the-counter anesthetics, you can numb the mouth ulcer so that you can feel more comfortable throughout the day as it heals.
  • Ice the Area: Ice can be used for almost every injury or pain, including canker sores. Simply ice the area of your lip that is in pain and feel the cold relief.
  • Use Tea Bags: This may seem unconventional, but many people swear by it. Chamomile tea and green tea have been shown to relieve pain and promote healing.

Overall, if you are dealing with pesky mouth ulcers or canker sores, this can be caused by a variety of factors. There is no specific cause of mouth ulcers, so there is no specific treatment either. However, if you are uncomfortable or in pain, there are ways that you can relieve some of the pain and feel more comfortable while going through the healing process.

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Abigail Wise is an aspiring teacher, writer, and editor. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in English Education with an emphasis in Creative Writing as well as working towards her teaching credential. She hopes to receive her Masters of Arts in English as well as go on to be a full-time teacher, writer, and editor.

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