How Are Baby Teeth Linked To Autism?

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Written By Kassandra Foreman / Reviewed By Ray Spotts

A study of baby teeth in children with and without autism shows a link between increased exposure to certain metals and an increased risk of autism. As a tooth forms it develops layers every day and the amounts of metals in these layers show what the child was exposed to.

With detailed testing they can also tell at what time the exposure occurs. Studies have shown that increased levels of lead and zinc where found present in children who were later diagnosed with autism.

Retrieving dentin layers

A new procedure for retrieving dentin layers from baby teeth allows researchers to pinpoint the time of exposure to the metals. This can occur before and after birth and can be discovered down to the week that exposure occurred. This allows for awareness on what periods of pregnancy and infanthood that exposure should be limited to the most.

Manganese levels

While most other metals showed an increase in children with autism, manganese levels where found to be lower in children on the autism spectrum than those who were not. Those most affected are 10 weeks prenatal, which can help doctors who are prescribing any supplements or vitamins for pregnancy and postnatal care.

This research can be hugely beneficial to doctors who are caring for pregnant moms and providing postnatal care for both mother and baby. While this method will not diagnose a child until after the baby teeth fall out naturally, it can provide a wealth of information on when they are most susceptible to complications from exposure to metals or lacking a mineral necessary to development.


The first study that was conducted was then reproduced with the same correlations found. A high level of lead is very common among children who are diagnosed with autism, and a lower level of manganese. While the study sizes were small for a research study, to have the same results across more than one study is promising in the effort to lower autism rates by probably locating a contributing factor.

When a cause or factor is located and proven, it can then be decreased and guidance can be provided to parents on what to avoid and the most important times to avoid it, which could bring more changes to prenatal care.

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