4 Daily Practices To Protect Your Tooth Enamel

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The enamel on the outside of your teeth is a protective shell that prevents permanent damage, and you must take steps to protect that mineral layer if you want to avoid serious oral health problems. Luckily, most people can easily protect the enamel on the outside of their teeth with nothing more than a few daily habits.

Regularly Brush And Floss

When it comes to preventative dental care, brushing and flossing at least a few times a day will be your first line of defense. Regularly cleaning your teeth is going to remove all of the debris that might eventually turn into plaque and tartar. While everyone has slightly different needs, most people are going to benefit from a soft-bristled toothbrush and that has a small head and long handle. If you don’t enjoy using regular floss, then you might want to invest in a water flosser as well.

Drink Plenty Of Water

In addition to improving your overall health, staying hydrated is also great for your teeth. Whenever you take a sip of water, you are going to hydrate your gums and rinse away any debris that might be clinging to your enamel.

Use A Straw Whenever Possible

When you aren’t drinking water, you should try to use a straw as much as possible. Even though teeth seem to have a solid surface, they are actually filled with millions of microscopic pores that liquids can penetrate. That means drinks like soda and tea can make their way deep into your teeth and cause damage.

Don’t Brush Right After Meals

While it might be tempting to brush your teeth right after you eat a meal or have a drink, that could actually be very damaging to your teeth. Brushing when there is quite a bit of debris on your teeth could create deep scratches in the enamel. If you want to brush your teeth after a meal, then you should try to have a big glass of water first.

These few tips are a great start, but you should also make sure that you are scheduling regular appointments with your dentist. During those appointments, your dentist will be able to thoroughly clean your teeth and check for any issues that might impact your oral health.

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