4 Alternative Drinks For Kids To Fight Cavities

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Written By Emma Gill / Reviewed By Ray Spotts

While taking care of your child’s smile, a good oral hygiene regimen plays the most important role. During the development of children’s teeth, the occurrence of cavities is very common. In order to prevent such conditions, you should also switch to natural products. And, what could be better than a healthy drink that prevents cavities? Here’s a list of natural drinks that reduce the chances of cavities in children.

Water For Better Cleansing

Have you ever felt a thin layer of plaque over your teeth? Drinking water can help your oral hygiene routine by helping get rid of plaque. Not only does it help clean the teeth, but also removes the excess sugars and acids. The major problem with dental plaque is that it can lead to cavities and bacterial infections. Water acts as an antibacterial agent and thus helps prevents cavities.

In order to get rid of the excess pH and leftover foodstuffs, there can be no better alternative than water – as well as brushing and flossing your teeth. During the development of permanent teeth, water proves to be highly beneficial for oral hygiene.

Green Tea Removes Plaque

You should also consider drinking green tea to help remove plaque on your teeth. Consuming green or black tea on a regular basis can prevent bacterial infections and reduce the buildup of plaque.

Along with dental hygiene, green tea has a crucial role in escalating oral vascular supply.  Polyphenol, the major compound in green tea, possesses the potential to improve the blood supply to bones and areas around teeth. One potent tool used by dentists for improving the dental structure is an ez io power driver. This tool can regulate the vascular supply to bones commendably.

Strengthen Teeth With Dairy Products

Dairy products, particularly milk, have the potential to strengthen your bones. But, did you know that it helps with your oral hygiene as well? The high calcium content in milk provides relief from several dental ailments like cavities and plaque.

One of the most protective parts of the tooth is enamel. Milk contains a considerable amount of protein casein that maintains the healthfulness of enamel. Not only does it transform the color, but also the quality of enamel. Higher pH of the oral cavity is often harmful for the body. With regular milk consumption, you can keep your child’s oral acidity under check. Ultimately, proper oral pH and hygiene reduce the occurrence of cavities in the teeth.

Freshly Prepared Vegetable Juices

Vegetables are probably the most healthy foodstuff that you can consume, but you must know which vegetables to consider when taking care of your child’s teeth. While spinach appears to be the healthiest choice, you can use kale as well for this purpose. Green, leafy vegetables contain a huge concentration of vitamins, particularly vitamin B. NCBI Research has proved that vitamin B has potential abilities to strengthen your teeth. Such vitamins help keep the gums healthy, and prevent caries and cavities.

Dental ailments like pyorrhea affect the gums and damage them. By consuming vegetable juices, you can help prevent gum-related disorders, however, the bitter taste of vegetable juices might be a turn off for your child. If you wish to make the juice a little tastier, look for alternative vegetables or fruits like carrots and apples. Adding an essence of such foodstuff can transform the juice into a tastier as well as healthier one.

Final Verdict

Tooth cavities and gum-related ailments can lead to a major decline in the dental development of your child. In order to prevent such diseases, you need to keep your child’s oral hygiene intact. Consumption of alternative drinks has a great impact on dental health too by strengthening the teeth and making them less prone to bacterial attacks as well. So, switch to better dental health by opting for these healthy, natural drinks.

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Emma Gill is a passionate writer and guest blogger. She loves writing and sharing her knowledge of the health industry. She believes health is the real wealth and wants to spread her belief across the world. Apart from writing, she loves traveling and cooking.

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