The Scary Truth About Genetically Modified Foods

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In the early 1990s the world was first introduced to genetically modified foods, foods derived from organisms that have been altered by humans to have different properties. These methods, while much more precise than past attempts to alter food organisms by exposing them to either radiation or chemicals, are still causing quite a stir. The fact of the matter is that a number of these foods are still on the market and gaining popularity at about the same rate that they are generating concern. 

Genetically modified seeds that are being distributed by the major agricultural companies contain genes that will cause the seeds of the crops to be useless, which will force the growers to continually purchase more seeds rather than using their own. We actually featured an article back in May on this, and you can check it out by clicking here.

The concerns now shift from growing profitability to health and safety issues with the release of some recent study results. The International Journal of Biological Science has published a study in which rats were fed three types of genetically modified maize (corn) products that are found in foods and feed around the world. When compared to rats who were not fed genetically modified foods, the one who were fed GM foods showed negative effects to many internal organs, and particularly the liver and kidneys.

Its safe to say that the potential for human damage is there, especially considering that roughly 7 out of 10 foods we consume have been modified in some way. To help raise awareness, The Non-GMO Project has been fighting to get foods labeled according to whether they have been modified or not. To read more about this issue and The Non-GMO Project, click here.

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