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If you don't take care of your mouth, it doesn't take long for certain issues to develop. Oral hygiene is incredibly important and for those who don't treat it as such, they likely will deal with problems that could have been easily prevented by simple upkeep. One of the primary things that contribute to receding and painful gums is lack of proper oral hygiene. If you are the type of person that doesn't take care of your oral health, you'll suffer for it eventually. Take the necessary steps and precautions to take care of your mouth. 

A cause of receding gums that sometimes doesn't get mentioned is aggressive brushing. All of the parts of your mouth are naturally and inherently fragile and can be sensitive if you are too rough. In the attempt to ensure that brushing is done properly some people apply a bit too much pressure or clean their teeth more vigorously than is actually necessary. This practice can lead to receding gums. Ensure that you are gentle enough with your teeth and gums when you do your daily cleaning.

Another thing that can cause receding gums is the grinding of teeth. If you notice that you clench your jaw when you sleep, it's likely that you also grind your teeth. The grinding of teeth can cause several issues, one of which is receding gums due to the constant movement of teeth. It can also cause loose teeth if the issue isn't dealt with immediately. In order to interrupt this practice, wearing a mouth guard while you sleep can provide the stability within your mouth to stop the grinding altogether.

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Sometimes receding gums can be the direct result of genetics. So it's possible that despite proper oral care, you may still start to notice that your gums have receded. If this is the case, you may want to contact your dentist and see if there are any specific vitamins that you can take to prevent additional problems with your teeth. Typically when receding gums start to become noticeable, additional symptoms that are related to gum disease start to show up as well. This includes sore or bleeding gums and even build up of tartar around the gum line. This is why overall, the care that we take when we are brushing and flossing our teeth is incredibly important.

Receding gums by themselves doesn't necessarily mean that gum disease is imminent but it is a good indicator that the mouth isn't in the best condition. If the gums become dark or recede further, simple oral hygiene tricks may not be enough to reverse the onset of this issue. Try using an all-natural product that can be used as a rinse after brushing and flossing your teeth. It helps to rid your mouth of the bacteria that often hides in crevices and is difficult to kill and get rid of with brushing alone. You'll need to make sure to take care of your mouth in the event you do suffer from receding gums, as they can and will get worse if they are not tended to. 

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