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Lemon is well known for its ability to help the skin and there are numerous reasons that this is the case. The components of the lemon help cleanse toxins and can even help with the overall lymph drainage that needs to occur within the body. The peel of the lemon has even more powerful elements than the pulp itself. It can be used to help purify the skin. It can also be used to lighten and brighten the appearance of the skin. There are even studies that say the scent of the lemon peel essential oils can help to promote neurological activity that can help those who suffer from depression or need to lose weight.

One of the most prominent uses for lemon peel oil is for the skin. It provides amazing benefits for the look and feel of the skin. While it can be used as a teeth whitener, household cleaner and a freshener, the way that it aids skin is pretty remarkable. Lemon peel oil is incredibly nourishing. It can be used to actually clean the skin and rid it of many of the impurities that often gather on the face. It also has the ability to lighten the skin and helps with hyper-pigmentation or the darkened areas of the skin.

Another amazing benefit that lemon peel oil provides is the ability to treat acne. It helps to eliminate the sebum that often accumulates on the face and promotes clogged pores and fosters a breeding ground for blemishes. Using a bit of lemon peel oil as a face wash will provide significant benefits if you find that you are struggling with acne. You can put the oil in your face wash or you can use it by itself. It can be used as a gentle cleaning agent that will effectively unclog your pores and clear away the free radicals, dirt and oil that tends to get muddled on the skin.

On top of a cleanser, you can also use lemon peel oil as a key ingredient in a very effective facial. If you feel that your face could be brighter or you have sun spots or dark spots, you should definitely use this mask a couple of times a week and you'll start to see a definite improvement in your skin. Add several drops of lemon peel oil with oatmeal or sugar, include some honey for even more refreshing, restorative effects. You'll need to leave the mask on for at least 20 minutes every other day. You'll notice in about a week that your skin will be softer and much brighter in appearance. You'll also enjoy a much clearer face as this helps to target and eradicate acne.

Overall, the benefits of lemon peel oil shouldn't be overlooked, there are numerous ways that it can help to provide just what your face may need. Skin can be incredibly temperamental and difficult to deal with but with the incorporation of specific essential oils, you'll notice just how great your skin can look.

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