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Reduce Stress 

According to a 2009 poll by the American Pain Foundation, 56% of people who have suffered from back pain or muscle strains over the past year said that it was made worse by stress over the economy. In another poll in the journal of the International Headache Society, those who suffer from migraines say that stress is the number 1 trigger for their head pain. People typically react to stressors by tensing up the muscles in their shoulders, face, and neck, which can cause and worsen pain over time. Also, the same parts of the brain that govern mood process pain as well.

Move More
Many Americans have sedentary desk jobs, and to make that even worse, terrible posture. This leads not only to muscle cramps, but long term damage to the spine. The fluid that lubricates your joints needs to keep moving in order to perform best, so try to stretch or walk around a few minutes each hour to keep limber. Follow these guidelines to better computer posture: feet flat on the floor, elbows at a 90 degree angle, wrists and head straight forward.

Don't Oversleep
A new study shows that chronic sleep loss can create a debt that simply cannot be made up. This, paired with the fact that sleep deprivation can greatly impact chronic pain conditions like fibromyalgia should be a serious wake up call. Sleeping in on the weekends is no match for getting the proper amount of sleep on any given night, and staying in bed for longer than the recommended 7-8 hours can lead to all kinds of pains. Movement is the key to keeping muscles and bones in healthy order, so if you are going to sleep in on Saturday make sure its no more than 2-3 hours later than you would normally get up during the week.

Cellular Breakdown
With all of today's technology, its no wonder that this generation is more connected than any before it. So much so that new medical terminology has to be created to keep up with the conditions people suffer from. Doctors have officially labeled a condition in which the thumb tendons become painfully inflamed as Texters Thumb. Not only the thumbs are affected by this, because typically when texting or talking on the phone you're not using the best posture either.  Longer conversations will strain your neck and arm from holding the phone to your ear as well, so use a headset when talking.

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