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While many different essential oils are well known in the health and holistic world, there are far more that aren't as popular or recognizable. Buchu essential oil would definitely belong in the latter category. This particular essential oil comes from the buchu, which is a type of leaf that comes from a tree often found in specific parts of South Africa. It has a myriad of different beneficial aspects. Due to its heavy nature and smell, it generally isn't an oil that is used for aromatherapy. This oil should be used carefully and diluted before use. Here are some of the impressive ways that it can be used. 


This oil has natural antiseptic qualities which means it can be used to quickly and easily clean wounds. Anytime a wound occurs, the affected skin is more susceptible to infections that can be caused by bacteria or fungi. This oil has the ability to protect and clean the wound from any unsavory elements that may cause you further trouble in the future.


Some who suffer from arthritis find that this oil works wonders for them by lessening their pain. It gives relief to those who suffer from joint pain or rheumatism by allowing the body to further detoxify, which helps to get rid of the toxins that often gather around joints and cause pain. It has naturally diuretic properties which helps rid the body of those negative toxins through perspiration and urination.


It is also a great aid to those who have any type of stomach or digestive problem. If you ever suffer from intense pressure and gasses from eating certain foods, this oil can provide you some much needed relief. Digestive and gas issues can manifest in a whole host of ways. They can cause indigestion, drowsiness, chest pain and loss of appetite. The carminative properties can help in assisting with the natural cyclical process that the intestines go through after you consume food.


Bugs hate this stuff - which is a great thing for you if you don't want to use those insecticides with harsh chemicals filling your home. The great thing about this oil is that just a little bit of it with some natural soap and warm water will completely kill many different types of bugs - insects such as flies, fleas, lice, bedbugs and mosquitoes. No need to fill your home with harmful chemicals as this is a great and safe alternative.

Cellulite Eliminator

Due to its detoxifying elements, buchu oil can be used on upper legs to help eliminate and diminish cellulite. If you suffer from cottage cheese thighs and have tried many different products, try this one on for size. Only a couple of drops of the buchu oil incorporated into castor oil may be just the effective tactic that you've been looking for. Due to its anti-inflammatory elements and its ability to pull toxins from the body, it's a very effective way to diminish the look of cellulite and help restore smooth skin. 

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