4 Every-Day Foods That Could Kill You

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Microwave popcorn

Chemicals that can be found in the lining of the bag itself have been linked to human infertility, and in animal testing they have caused various types of cancer including liver, pancreatic, and testicular. Studies have shown that the process of microwaving can cause these chemicals to vaporize and therefore migrate into your popcorn.

Milk produced with artificial hormones

Some, but not all dairy farmers treat their cattle with growth hormones to increase milk production, and thereby profits. These hormones can also increase infections and because of that, possibly even pus in the milk. This also increases production of insulin like hormones in the milk which can contribute to colon, breast, and prostate cancers in humans.

White flour

All of the good nutrients in flour are removed during processing, and then it is bleached with a chemical agent that is very similar to the same bleach you use in cleaning and laundry. Some vitamins get added in the final processes, and it's passed off as "enriched". What most people don't know is that this so called "enriched" flour can cause increases in blood sugar that rival refined sugar.

Vegetable oils

For a long time the experts have told us how much healthier and beneficial oils like canola, corn, and soy are. The problem with this lies in their transformation into cooking oils. This process includes heavy refinement that can make them oxidized and therefore toxic. A much healthier option is coconut oil, which does not oxidize. For higher heats try grapeseed oil, or extra virgin olive oil for light cooking.

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